Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SpitzzzPumpSpitzzzz! Breve em Português.

I always had a problem to work out in a gym. I dislike the idea of having to share the machines with sweaty people. I know, I am picky, but nobody is perfect! Not only I feel dizzy just to think of working out near people that seems to forget what deodorants are for, but also the other way around: some people tend to come to the gym loaded with perfume. The excessive use of fragrance, in a place that the majority of people are gasping for breath, is really suffocating.
Sweat and perfume do not go together!
So I don't really know what is worst: Eau de BO or the mix of the 2 of them.
I need my daily energy combustion, so I took the decision to jog outdoors.
What a sad surprise! Seems that strong fragrances early in the morning is a Brazilian new trend.
Paris by YSL at 7:00 a.m.? Fahrenheit by Dior? Hello!!!!
Worst than that, these people run much faster than me, so they leave their scent track behind! Enauseating...
Is it possible that they are having animalistic behaviors of marking territory? Doggy style...
"Hey! This is my track, you won't jog here!"
Amy Ning's ilustration
So either I start running faster, or I will have to come out of the bed earlier.
Both options seem not possible right now, so I decided to bring a list of fresh, less suffocating fragrances to combine with sports. Hopefully they will eventually read my blog.
Eau Pure - Biotherm
1.Marc Jacobs Cucumber or Orange EDT - Unisex - fresh.
2.Sisley - Eau de Campagne EDT - Unisex - fresh.
3.Guerlain - Aqua Allegoria/ Herba Fresca EDT - Unisex
4.Loewe - Aqua de Loewe EDT - Unisex - subtle.
5.Shiseido Eau Aromatique Energizing Fragrance - Fem. - overpowering to me, but not suffocating.
6.Givenchy No Complex Eau Tonique Corps - Fem. - very nice indeed!
7.Guerlain Homme EDT - Masc. - chiq.
8.Prada Iris for men EDT - Masc. - chiq.
9.Brazilian brand La Façon - Água de Rosas EDT(Eau de Roses) - Fem. - very feminine, soft.
10.Puma Aqua Men - Masc. - young.
11.Puma Aqua Women - Fem. - young
12.Biotherm Eau Pure, Eau D'Energie or Eau Vitaminée Body MIst - Fem. - perfect!!!
13.Santa Maria Novella's Acqua di Gigli, Acqua Soave and Acqua di Erba Santa Maria - perfect!!
La Façon - Rose water and other rose scented products
Frankly, I prefer to smell the scent of fresh air early in the morning while jogging. The green accord of pine trees and cut wet grass natural scents warming up with the heat of the sun. The fragrance of frangipanis and gardenias and wet mossy soils of Brazilian spring.
But back to reality/urban life - São Paulo is a violent city, so I go to a private club, to jog safely and breathe heavy floral perfumes and cheap cool mint aftershaves...
All for the sake of low blood cholesterol levels!
Photo credits: Mark Jacobs, Biotherm sites.
La Façon kindly offered the picture exclusively to the blog, so please do not use without previous consent.

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