Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scented CD - listen and smell/CD perfumado ouça e cheire

Label Southern Records released this month Moon & Moon´s new CD VII Acts of an Iron King, which I found very intrigging.
Not for the songs or sound, which I confess I didn´t bother to listen after reading the description in the internet at Alarm, but for the fact that band leader Will Lemon, included in every CD, hand-scented jasmine block prints.
So if it doesn´t sound good, at least smells good!
O Selo Southern Records lançou este mês o cd novo da banda Moon&Moon, chamado Acts of an Iron King, que eu achei muito interessante.
Nem tanto pelo som ou pelas músicas, depois de dar uma pesquisada na internet - site Alarm - já percebi que não era a minha praia. Essa coisa de histórias épicas, viagens fantásticas narradas por uma criança e som experimentantal...
Mas pelo fato de o líder da banda ter incluido em cada CD um livrinho com fragrância de jasmim.
Portanto, se não soa bem, pelo menos cheira muito bem!

Photo credit: Details Magazine

Crédito da foto: Details Magazine.


Erik said...

Hi Simone - Kuesse aus Berlin :-)

I remember my last stay in the Netherland, it was a big chocolate and poffertje Trip and after a few days I weighed ten pounds more. That was the end of my beach body.

Now, 8 years later, I have my beach body back. 8 years! :-)

Liebe Gruesse und berliner Kuesse,

maisqueperfume said...

Nah dear, I am sure you look amazing!


NAKAMURA said...

Getting rid of fish smell after cooking...
Apologies in advance if this is on the wrong board.

I'm trying to be all health conscious, which (for me) means eating more fish. But I'm really grossed out by the lingering smell after I've cooked the stuff. I live in a relatively small condo, and even coming home the-day-after, the apartment continues to smell like cooked fish. I don't like it. How can I get rid of this very persistent smell (open windows and stove fan aren't enough)??

Thanks -

yamada said...

Many candle places have "Kitchen Candles" that seem to take the smell out of the air. I always have a Bath & Body Works Vanilla candle burning after cooking fish. It doesn't overpower eating the fish, and is a gentle enough scent to not be overpowering in and of itself

ito said...

Burn a lampe berger....originally invented to remove odors in hospitals, these burners will effectively rid your kitchen of cooking odors. I wouldn't be without one...

You will also find many lampe berger listings on ebay...

Xui Li said...

How can i take out the bad smell.My cat Peead on my travel bag.?
its a small bag with Wheels,its very good i don't want to throw it so can any body help me to clean it and take out the smell,i washed it but the smell is still there .
3 months ago

SuLyn said...

Cat urine contains fatty deposits which need to be broken down by enzymes. Most cleaning solutions don't remove these fats and it's the smell of those fats decaying which is so awful.

You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing 10% biological (enzymatic) washing powder and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and allow to dry naturally. Afterwards, use a plant mister to spray surgical spirit (antiseptic cheap from the pharmacy) and work it into the fibres with a nail brush to remove any fats that might have been missed by the cleaning solution.

I've used this method for cleaning carpets and found it really effective. Test it on a small area of your travel bag first as it may not be colour fast on more delicate fabrics

susan said...

We live in a house that was built in the early 1930's. We're not sure if it is because of the age of the house, but the house will sometimes smell bad. Someone said that it may be from mold in the heating and a/c unit building up -- called "dirty sock syndrome." Not sure if it is this or maybe mold elsewhere. Does anyone have any advice about how to explore this further? Thanks.

DOROTHY said...

If you have heating and a/c ducts they should be cleaned regularly, even if you don't have an odor, so that's the first thing I would do.
The next thing would be to install a vapor barrier system on the floor of your cellar and any crawl space.

Do you have any carpeting, that would be next. Unless it is newly installed I'd be looking (i.e pulling it up) to make sure the padding and underside are clean and not moist, etc.

In general, lowering the humidity helps.

I have some closets in room that had been left closed up which have absorbed an odor into the plaster. No amount of airing seems to make a difference, so I'm going to paint the interior as a cure.

Sometimes old wallpaper can be smelly.

You didn't say if it was a foul rotten, decaying flesh, or mouse nest/droppings or even old cat pee, those can be persistent and somewhat intermittent smells.

I always find a good, hot scrubbing and forced air drying helps get rid of general empty house smell. I use a mild powdered laundry detergent without optical brighteners and hot water and bushels of towels. I scrub everything, floors, walls woodwrok, ceiling, etc.



maisqueperfume said...

Hello you all! Thank you for being aboard!
Well, you are always welcomed to enter a request, question or comment, related or not to the subject.
Fish problems is very common!
I suggest the following:
Have you ever heard of essential oils?
You can find in any natural products, florals and organic products stores.
Buy tea tree (malaleuca) oil, lavender oil, lemon and pine.
Mix in a liter a few drops of lemon, malaleuca and pine and wash the sink, the floor, and all surfaces that you can wet. They are very good against bacteria and bad smells.
If you have those machines to clean with steam, also put a few drops on the cloth you cover the exit of the steam to clean carpets and sofas.
Use a few drops of lavender oil on water to wash your hands after cooking, it smells wonderful.
Than, you can mix one part of alcohol, two parts of water and a few drops of lavender and lemon, put in a bottle with a spray cap and spray anytime time.
Also buy a ceramic electric burner and put a few drops of essential oils to give your house a good smell.
Leave the doors of the other rooms closed when cooking. Open the windows of the kitchen.
If you need recipes of combination of oils give me your e-mail and I will send it to you.

But sushi and sashimi are also fish, taste good and they don't smell.... :-)

maisqueperfume said...

Dear Susan, the tips were great.
I suggest you check where the smell is coming from.
Lets say it is from places like attics, ducts, cellars etc. If so, I suggest you get these places cleaned by an experienced company that deals with mold and professional cleaning.
If the smell is coming from smaller places like cabinets I suggest lavender and cedar oil.Clean and Scrub inside the cabinets with these essential oils. Let it dry before putting the clothes back in. if the carpet smells that bad, i suggest a radical move and remove it asap! It can get you sick. If it comes from the wallpaper, remove it, it can get you sick and gives allergies too.
All removable stuff - get rid of them!
Dead animals don´t smell like smelly socks, they stink and it is a very strong odor. So I don´t think this is the cause.
get rid of junk. What you didn´t wear or use for the last 2 yrs., dump it, sell it, donate. You will do good and feel better.
Do not keep very old books, newspapers and magazines. They also smell.
After removing the probable causes, come back to me and I will teach you how to make your home smell good and how to create desirable atmospheres!
Good luck!

maisqueperfume said...

Xui Li, hello.
If the cat peead in your bag he is trying to send you a message my friend! He is angry! Cats are not dogs, they pee in their box only. That is your main concern today, why he is angry.
After taking care of this issue with your pet, let´s move to Eau de Piss -
I don´t know if what Sulyn told you to do is ok or not, to be frank. Seems that she knows better than me.
I googled it by writing remove cat piss smell and I found 1000s of recipes.
This link is very good, read carefully.


I would try the baking soda suggested. To 500grs of baking soda I suggest 6 drops of essential oils: 2 drops of geranium, 1 drop teatree, 3 drops lavender or rosemarin.
Mix it well, scrub surface and clean with clean cloth or vaccum it.
I would take 2 drops of eucalipytus oil to one liter water and spray on the suitcase afterwards, let it dry before using. Cats hate this smell. It will prevent him from doing it again.
Hope I helped you, Simone.

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