Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Picks - Belle au Parfum de Oud - Esteban


Official olfactive Notes: Mandarin, cistus, saffron, ylang ylang, Lys, nargamotha, oud, labdanum, patchouli. Sold for 90 Euros/50ml at 1000 & 1 Seife (sample provided by the shop via Erik K.)

Bohemians were outsiders who lived in an unconventional way and who did not care about society's approval. They were often described as vagabonds, wanderers, adventurers, or artists who believed in free love, frugality and poverty. The term emerged in France, when artists moved to neighborhoods where the rent was lower and where gypsies lived. I would say they were somehow the hippies of the 19th Century...

If Belle au Parfum de Oud was called by other reviewer's as a hippie - flower child fragrance, or had the aura of the woodstock days...I would say it does have the aura of freedom, peace and love, but with the european bohemian style, not a hippie one.

Natasha Poly - Bohemian Rhapsody for Vogue

It is a flowery-leathery French-y kind of fragrance. It has the simplicity of bohemian's life style. It has both a dirty and freshness that comes from the minty and dirty-chocolat-y notes of patchouli, not remotely reminding me of Marijuana as others noted.  Hippies did not take showers at all, and were stoned from pot all day long. This is not BAPDO! It does not refer to pot or human filth. 
It is unconventional in a sense that it is not rich nor a heavy oriental like many Ouds you have already tried last year. It smells cleaner than dirtier.
It contains a bit of the simplicity and frugality of bohemians. Flowery prints and leather jackets. 
It has the vibe of a bohemian balade in Paris.
It has the happiness, the musicality and the colors of gypsy songs and clothes.
It is less wild than hippies. It is Bobo. More sociable acceptable. More commercial, more Western styled.

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