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Eau de Fröehliche - Be my perfumed Valentine!

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Photo credit: 100 & 1 Seife exclusively to + Q Perfume Blog

In times when love and romance have to compete with applications such as "Bang with friends" ...

For Christmas 2012 Erik Kormann from 100 & 1 Seife launched his first Eau de Fröehliche or translated to English -  Eau de Merry -  a gourmet treat for the senses with irises, chocolate,frankincense, rosewood, coriander, Frambione, musk, patchouli, cardamom, vanilla, tolu balm and coumarin. At that time I described the fragrance as "A hint of cacao, a hint of iris, a hint of cardamom freshness and you are smiling my dears! Eau de Fröhliche will make you look younger without turning you into a teenager. It will change your mood to a better one because it has a sweetness that is rich, without being boring. It will make you more attractive because it has a tenacious and a vivid spirit all the way till dry down". (you can read the full review by clicking on the link above).

It was indeed a cuddling olfactory experience that I could have enjoyed all year round if  my sister would not have taken it from my collection with the most delightful statement "I have to have this, I am taking it home with me!" So she took it. Both versions - the EDP and the EDT. ;-)

Photo credit: 100 & 1 Seife exclusively to + Q Perfume Blog

Well, giving is rewarded with this year Erik has send me his new edition of Eau de Föhliche. 
Not a flanker thou... it is not the original formula adding this or that. It is a complete new perfume but with one common ground: frankincense. 
Truth is that he launched it for Christmas 2012, but I was away from home, and that was the reason why I could not review it before. Frankly, it is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day!!!
If you are not interest in just banging with friends, or better saying, bootie calls or mean-less sex encounters, and you still believe in the romantic concept of sharing a special day with the one you love,  make the most of it by presenting her/him with something to remember this day everyday! A perfume is one of the most wanted and most popular Valentine's presents because the loved person will think of you every whiff.

So why Eau de Fröehliche?

Because it is romantic and sensitive. Because it brings an exquisite combination of rose and black pepper, with a bonus minty finishing. Because not many rose fragrances are that fresh (it also contains bergamot). Because it is a rose perfume, but it has an urban beat. Because it has a smokey aura that is subtle, not pierce. It is a rock n' roll rose. And most of it, because it contains CATTITUDE! Meow!

Photo credit: 100 & 1 Seife exclusively to + Q Perfume Blog

If you need more reasons I have plenty! The bottle comes with this super cute purrr cat illustration by Jo Zarth. It has a fragrance concentration of 20%. It last longer enough to be hugged and kissed for many hours. It can be nice to both genders.

Eau de Fröehliche Nº1 was a cuddling perfume. So is nº2. Interesting how different concepts can bring the same idea, but with a different intention. One cuddles you more like a friend. This one will also hug you tenderly, but the hug is just the first move...

You can find and purchase Eau de Fröehliche in the brand's website: 1000 & 1 Seife.

Another rock n' roll cat!

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MemoryOfScent Christos said...

Anyone who chooses a cat to adorn his work is nice person in my book :)

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