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Fantastic Man By Byredo for Mad Men impeccable grooming

Don't you just love to watch Mad Men? I am totally addicted! I think it is because I loved to watch Bewitched reruns. I loved to see Larry and Steven work at the advertising company...
Than it came Mad Men! A TV series about a creative director in an advertising company in NYC during the sixties. His life at work, off work, and all the styling and the social values of that era... My kind of show!
The main message of the series is that, no matter who dirty, how filthy you are, a cheater, a drunk, a total asshole...if you are impeccably dressed and groomed, you are the man! Shirt pressed, sleek tailored suit, trimmed nails, perfect shaving, perfect hair and most of all... smelling good. Of course in the TV series they drink and smoke a lot, so probably the truth is that the men don't really smell that good...(unless you like alcoholic -tabac breath), but this was very common in the past. People smoked a lot. It was part of the charm, just like the hats and shirt cuffs.

Don Draper in his best grooming

Don Draper is the prince of Madison Avenue. The man with the shinning shoes, a martini on one hand, and the other on some beautiful secretary's boobs... what fragrance suits him the best? As I watch Mad Men I had two ideas for fragrances. The ones from the 60's of course: Habit Rouge, Eau Sauvage by Dior, Y by YSL, Old Spice, Aqua Velva, Brut, Aramis, etc... and a more contemporary one - for the fact that the TV series is from this decade and not in the sixties, I think Don could wear a fragrance that is a cologne, fresh and clean, but more updated without loosing personality.

So I gave it some thought and came up with FANTASTIC MAN BY BYREDO/aka SUNDAY COLOGNE nowadays. The super Mad Men fragrance!!! Fantastic man for Mad men!
Byredo's founder, Mr. Ben Gorham, teamed up with Jop Van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers of Fantastic Man Magazine (Dutch styling for gentlemen editions) to develop a fragrance that would capture the both essence of the magazine and the brand, to revisit a classic perfume - the cologne. Three men deciding who to capture the essence of the classic colognes.

Rate: ✭✭✭✭
Price: $$$
Att.: fragrance was renamed to Sunday Cologne
Origin: Sweden
Type: luxurious niche
Launch: 2009 - Paris/2011 as Sunday Cologne
Gender: Masculine
Range: 100 and 50ml EDC plus body line.
O. Family: woody aromatic
Olfactive Notes: bergamot, star anise, cardamom, geranium, incense, lavender, vetiver, patchouli, moss.
Description by the brand: "The classic cologne has hit home with gentlemen everywhere, polite and poised like a sharp side of Gornik & Drucker taper cut".
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: MAD MEN STYLE, FRESH, ELEGANT, CLEAN
When to wear: Anytime you want to have a fresh, clean, sleek fragrance.
Silage: subtle
Fixation: Great for a cologne!
Could pair with: Absolute pour le Matin by FK
Where to buy: Byredo, Colette, ALZD, Essenza Nobile.

Most people think Byredo is ridiculously overpriced and overestimated. I might agree with that, but truth is, with Baudelaire, Gypsy Water and Sunday Cologne the brand conquered my heart. Every time my husband wears any of them I can't stop smelling him, and smile while doing it. My husband is very thankful :-) to Byredo PRs by the way.
My problem with men's cologne is the cheap notes I constantly find and complain about it. I call them "O Boticário notes" (my sincere apologies to O Boticário brand, but I have to be honest here, and your fragrances have this annoying cheap masculine notes that I can't stand it).
At the very first whiff Sunday Cologne shouts FRESHNESS loud and clear. It is elegant, slightly smokey ad flowery, but definitely very sleek.
Anise seeds are surprisingly harmonious and not sweet. It contains a happiness implied. An aura of freshness that you get only early in the morning were drew is still on the leafs, people are taking showers to go to work, flowers are opening, sidewalks are being washed, etc...
As the scent evolutes, heavier notes take pick. Incense, vetiver and lavender are brilliantly blended and bring the masculine naughtier side of Mr. Don Draper. The saltiness found in this fragrance can also bring images of dry martinis...being drunk during fantastic happy hours, after nailing one more advertising client. It is a soft subtle saltiness, just a salty breeze sort of speak.
Truth is, Sunday Cologne sounds like something you would wear to go to church... I prefer the name Fantastic Man - because the fragrance is really designed to make man smell fantastic. But probably the purpose of relating to the magazine was they came up with this funny name. I think they should have consulted Sterling Cooper. They would probably come up with a better name than that!
It is sophisticated, definitely goes well with a new suit baring its ankles. In fact goes well with any suit, or no suit at all!! Or starting with a suit, than slightly removing it, the shirt, the pants....and so on...LOL!
Careful guys when wearing this to work, you might not get there at all!!!

To watch Don Draper in action click HERE


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