Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio - fragrance review

This is my last day of winter holidays and I already miss it. It was short, but totally necessary if you are used to wake up at 06:20 am every morning. The joy of waking up late, and having time to sit and enjoy breakfast is one of my favorite holidays' treat. Yeah...I settle for very little...I know...
Thinking back of all my summer and winter holidays since I was little, I remember one common treat of both seasons: bonfires! Bonfires were always a part of my holidays. Either if during summer times at the beach, or in winter camps every July.

The smokey, warm, woody scent of bonfires could be combined with salty breeze and hot mineral sandy smells; or burned leafs and green mossy earthy smells of wood forests. 
The smell of bonfire triggers amazing happy memories of my life and a comforting sensation that comes with this joy. Why comforting? I don't know about you, but I always sat near the fire with people I loved (either friends, family or boyfriends). 

Many fragrances are inspired by bonfires and burning woods, but the one I found the most incredible and wearable is Fireside Intense by Sonoma Scent Studio.

Brand: Sonoma Scent Studio
Origin: USA
Type: Indie - niche
Launch: 2007
Perfumer: Laurie Erickson
Concentration: 20-24%
Notes: Guaiac wood, nagarmotha, Texan cedar, Himalayan Cedar, Indian sandalwood, agar wood, birch tar, cade, leather, oak moss, ambergris, castoreum.
gender: Unisex - more masculine in my opinion.
Description by the brand: " I wanted Fireside Intense to be a bottled reminder of the scent of an outdoorsy campfire".
Sillage: Great
Fixation: Great
Could pair with: LoneStar Memories by Andy Tauer/Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel
When to wear: Any time you wish!
Where to find: Only at Sonoma Scent Studio - 5ml, 17ml and 34ml


A cedar-y indulgency at the very first whiff!
This is an unique fragrance because it does feel like sitting in front of a bonfire, with all the smokey, burned wood scent, but it is actually wearable and extremely sensual. Cedars are slightly rubbery very woody and dry. The leather is soft, contrary to Andy Tauer's LoneStar Memories (another cedar- y woody leathery fragrance) this perfume caresses the senses for its delicacy. It does not impose anything, It invites you to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
The bonfire is located at any beach of your dreams. I explain: there is a salty note, that probably comes with the ambergris, that is simply dreamy. It is a mineral salty undertone that is not bold enough to be classified as a woody-marine fragrance, but it is there adding a mineral sensuality. 
As all my fellow bloggers pointed out when reviewing this fragrance - the scent is rather linear once the cedar-leathery impact settles. That means only one think: you will have the same amazing juice from the start till the very end!
This perfume also reminds of my beloved salty fragrance Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris, but Fireside Intense is definitely my favorite. I guess because it is quiet, smoother and more elegant.
The incense feeling is there, but very subtle for my delight (It is not a secret that I am not very fond of incense fragrances). There is also a suggestive sweet-flowery tone that is slightly perceptive, therefore more interesting than the ones found in the other 02 mentioned perfumes. 
Sandalwood and ambergris bring a sensuality that is also unimposing. On the contrary, it is tender and very privy. One needs to sit near the bonfire, hold you in the arms and smell your neck.

The fragrance is extremely recommended and worth a full bottle!

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