Friday, March 20, 2009

Vero Kern - Vero Profumo!

Vero Kern is the creative mind behind Vero Profumo, a Swiss Niche Maison that has amazing exquisite line of fragrances: Rubj, Kiki and Onda.
I was introduced to Vero by my favorite perfumer Andy Tauer. And as gentle as he is, Vero is a very kind and polite lady that I wish I could meet personally.
And even before we enter to the world of fragrance discoveries, I wish to take the time to discuss her entire concept, her taste for design, her site and the packaging of the fragrances and samples. After all this site is not just about fragrance reviews, that is why is called + Q Perfume.
Her site has an interesting sound track. A mix of sounds of nature, urban sounds of people and jazzy notes. It is an introduction to Vero's distinctive style and concept: multifaceted high quality materials, the incredible balance between classic perfumery & modernity (a more urban type of niche perfumery) touch and the geniality of coordinating natural and synthetic essences.
The colors chosen and the fonts used also have a modern, kind of kinky (not vulgar but luxurious) size and the samples are divine! They all came wrapped in a golden paper. Following the wonderful concept of less is chic, simple gold and white letters - fantastic! Urban chic - my favorite!
Vero's fragrances are very concentrate and long lasting.
Today's treat:
Rubj - A carnal, exotic and erotic fragrance.
Inspired by the book of Sheikh Nefzaoui "The Perfumed Garden", an Oriental written manual on the arts and pleasures of physical love, the perfumer created a fragrance that brings notes of Egypt and Morocco without smelling like citrus, spices and flowers (as usual). It is also not those perfumes that remind us of the late 60s and 70s. No hippie traces here.
On my skin it had developed completely different than the fragrance on paper strip. The opening has a sweet touch of oranges with a second subnote rather piquant and slightly green. Reminds me a little bit of petit grain, maybe because it smells a little bit masculine.
The fresh green opening vanishes sooner than I wished it did, but this happens on my skin with all fragrances! And pretty soon I am introduced to a caramelized honey leathery note that warms the skins and the heart.
It develops rather dense gourmet on my skin and makes me think of caramels and velvet, but at the same time is sexual, fleshy and intriguing.
The floral bouquet emerges and overwhelms. It is profuse and intense. It is very feminine in contrast of the first masculine notes. It is man and woman, carnal, flesh to flesh, erotic encounters described by the sheikh in his manual.
The floral indeed brings an hypnotic effect to the structure.
Some previous reviewers notice the mood enhancing effect of the fragrance.
Little I know about aromatherapy, but sweet orange is the fun essential oil, the one who makes us feel happy and energized. Maybe that is what they mean.
The carmel-jasmine combination brings a sense of cocooning, of security of balance.
But I have a different view (as always) of the fragrance...
To me it evokes the an international art design movement called ART DECO:
The perfume has luxury and modernity. It is glamourous without loosing its functionality.
It is basically French but with strokes of Middle Eastern and African cultures.
It has a round shape but also is multifaceted with geometric sub-layers.
It is definitely Art Deco!
And I found a visual image to materialize the fragrance.
A voluptuous, chic lady with all the allure of Vero Profumo, painted by famous artist Tamara de Lempicka.
Potrait de madame Allan Bott
by artist Tamara de Lempicka
So Rubj is a chic French madame having an exotic time in to Tunis, walking down in Ville Nouvelle, at Habib Tahmeur street...
She sits in a café and watches the sun goes down. She is waiting to meet with her lover. She longs for his kiss... a sweet, tender,lusty, long lasting kiss.
For a nice Tunisian experience, click here
About Tamara de Lempicka:
Tamara de Lempicka, the leading Art Deco painter, painted elegant women who emanated allure. De Lempicka (1898 – 1980), who was born in Poland, lived in Russia before fleeing to Paris during the Bolshevik Revolution. A participant in the bohemian lifestyle she depicted, de Lempicka had many scandalous affairs which inspired her to create distinctive, Soft Cubism-styled art featuring precise structure and elements intended to arouse desire. Changing her style to abstract art in the 1960s, de Lempicka began creating works with a spatula.
Rubj is found only as extrait de parfum - 7,5ml and 15ml.


Dimi3 said...

Thank you for intriguing description & great story - I am off to find it, now!

Anonymous said...

great. thank you for the compliment but Vero is the person to get al the attention!

Anonymous said...

I love Vero Kern's work! In fact today I am wearing Onda - so complex and sexy! I also have Rubj, and Kiki is next on my list. She is a very nice lady that I hope to meet in person one day as well.

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