Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tip of the Month

Asclepion is the God of medicine and healing and it is also a massage oil produced by Thompson Consulting ( a company from San Francisco, California).
Containing 100% Jojoba oil, the closest and most similar to the oils produced by our bodies (therefore it is easily absorbed by our skin), and essential oils, this blend is a delicious treatment to the skin.
Jojoba oil contains vitamins A, C, B complexes and E, so Asclepion promotes soothing effects to sunburns, dryness of skin and hair, helping to reduce the signs of aging and cellulite.

The company meets the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Product Standards, being also certified to be 100% Organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), with no animal testing and cruelty free.

The product is offered in two sizes: 6.8 oz (200 ml) or 4.0 oz (118 ml).

I loved the fact that company is committed to the environment, offering packages that are hand-crafted, recyclable and eco-friendly and donating 10% of profits to charities which serve the Native American population.

Photo Credit: Dimitri Thompson

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