Thursday, October 24, 2013

Perfume Trends - fall & winter - PART III - White & Blue


According to IFRA UK expect to see cool clean crisp linens and marine or aquatic notes bringing new freshness to scents. Look for fresh, clean and relaxing fragrances.

Here we have:

Invictus by Pacco Rabanne
Bentley For Men Azure
Azzaro Chrome United
Merosene Pretty Machine


Eternal Return by CB I Hate Perfume (the best of all!!)
Lavender Tea by CB I Hate Perfume (very clean, very fresh)
Summer Kitchen & Just Breath by CB I hate Perfume (very relaxing fragrances)
Walking in The Air by CB I Hate Perfumes (very clean)

And all the amazing salty/marine fragrances that I have reviewed over the years - go back to them!

The whites:
Iceberg White by Iceberg
Juliette hHas a Gun Anyway
First Edition Blanche by VC & A

1 comment:

Alex said...

Invictus by Pacco Rabanne. Everything Form paco Rabanne has a very nice scent.

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