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Butterflies, ladybugs, fairies and dreams - Marc Jacobs' DOT EDP - showcase

What happens in a world where we are all connected 24h/day with everyone we know (used to be called friends), and all the people we virtually know (now called facebook friends)? What happens when all we do is follow every single step of everybody via twitter for 24h/day? What happens when we watch reality shows instead of reading books, or instead of living our own lives intensely? 
In a world bombarded by REALITY 24 hours a day, there is no place for fantasy, for the creativity, for daydreaming, for the mythical.

As Li Edelkoort brilliantly spilled it out for us in her magazine Bloom "I feel I am drowning in the boredom of reality. We seem to repeat similar things, and thus to contemplate over and over again the life of real people is no longer an option, we are not interesting enough and we will have to admit it".

As she explains, a world in overdose of reality is a world standing still, contemplating, without any progress. We are not moving forward. 
On the contrary, a world of fantasy is always challenging, changing and fresh.

Fantasy by Walt Disney

We are in the need of fantasy and mystery. And this is exactly why this is the fantastic trend that will seduce consumers this decade. The answer for this boredom is the mysterious, the naive, the fantastic, the fiction. "To give consumers a dream, to seduce them with narration and to lure them into a life, teaching them to realize their own dreams also". (the forecaster explains).

An enchanted world of legends, of mystical beings, fairies, ladybugs, butterflies, birds, bees, mushrooms...rainbows and flower blooms.

Clos de Tapas - Mediterranean Forest
Photo credit - + Q Perfume Blog

Fashion will see a lot of polka dots, delicate laces, and bell shapes. Culinary will bring food from the forest, radishes on served on mushrooms, beans served in their pods, edible flowers, green forest salads... Story telling is the key word to be hip, in a plate or on a fabric.

No wonder that eating Edamame is the newest trendy fever in São Paulo - the beans are served hot, salty and in the pods!

Marc Jacobs - Polka & red lips

In the world of Perfumery trends are interpreted and conceptualized in many ways. By the inspiration to develop the fragrance; the bottle, by its shape and design; or simply by its advertising campaign.


Marc Jacobs has been embracing this trend since the launch of his fragrance Daisy EDP, but his latest launch DOT EDP has reality plunged into fairytale telling.
A red round bottle adorned with styli-shed flower petals, ladybugs and butterflies, bringing delicate creatures of the garden to your home.
He is promising you in a whiff, a journey back to your childhood, when you walked barefooted in the garden looking for ladybugs and butterflies. Where you dreamed of being a fairy or a princess. A journey to the depth of psyche, to explore fantasy, to experience the surreal, the intuition, and the unexpected.

The juice
Exploring the same vanilla-musk creamy base of Lola, it will bring a whiff of coconut nuts for an extra exotic touch. Also translating the trend into liquid form, notes of red berries and driftwood - found in magical forests. Another mythical being added - the dragon  - here translated by pitaya, or dragon fruit as it is called. An exotic fairytale touch here. The delicacy of fairies and flower blooms is presented in honeysuckle and orange blossom notes.

So here you have it readers. In the world of mass luxe selling fragrances, there is no place for creativity. There is market research and forecasting. Nothing is created, all is meticulously planned! 
Marc Jacobs is not really teaching you to dream, he is planting in the market, a fantasy that was already chosen for you, and that he bought. The trend book written by Li Edelkoort.

After all, the playful, the cheerful, the poetic she says.

Other fragrances embracing the trend:

Le Mimosa EDT by Annick Goutal
Nina Fantasy EDP by Nina Ricci
Idylle Duet Lilas EDP - By Guerlain
Purple Lilac EDT by Yves Rocher
White Lilac & Ruibarb EDC by Jo Malone
Floral Curiosities Collection by Ineke
Lotus Rose EDP by Les Parfums de Rosine

Stay tunned for the second part where we are going to explore the mythical creatures of the night...

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