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Boarding Pass & Perfume - where is your next stop? PART I

Photo Credit: André Rougier

The History of Human Traveling Habits
In the early stages of the development (evolution) of human societies men  were nomadic. They changed location to look for food, water and shelter. They left their tribes and went on a journey to explore different regions in order to survive. 
In more developed stages of evolution, mankind continued to move to different locations in the name of religion (crusades, pilgrimages, mission trips) seeking to scape plagues and diseases or to fight wars. 
By the end of the Medieval Period, mankind expanded its horizons exploring and conquering distant lands, moved by the douctrines of Mercantilism (controlling foreign trades) and expanding Imperialism, building settlements in conquered colonies.
By rail or by sea, men explored the world. But only in 1906 traveling would become much easier, when Alberto Santos Dumont developed the first aircraft to fly without a catapult. We were finally able to broaden up our horizons, and give traveling a new meaning.
Today, traveling is one of the richest experiences one can have.  Through travelling one can get in touch with new cultures, meet new people, enjoy different foods and beverages. Exploring new landscapes and being able to learn new languages, new sounds, and new smells is simply one of the most fulfilling things in life! Some like to travel because they live in tiny countries or because they are always looking for a place to find happiness; some people just like to disconnect to the routine and loosen up elsewhere, some just have it in the blood...whatever reason one may find to pack his bags, one thing we know for sure: life left behind will never be the same.

Perfumery has always been inspired by distant lands with exotic names and magical fragrances. Shalimar (Guerlain), Fidji (Gui Laroche), Paris (YSL), Tokyo (Kenzo), Escale a Portofino (Dior), I Love New York (Bond Nº9) any brand, and you will probably find a fragrance inspired by a either an island, a city, or a remote land.

The New Trend

Photo Credit: MoMa

In 2004 Sissel Toolas conducted a project called "City Smell Research", that was presented in the Berlin Bienalle. She worked in various districts of Berlin to distill an essential scent for each one, creating an olfactory map of the city. The scents were contained in bottles that physically recalled the city map and compass points. This work was not simply the charting of a landscape of smell; it also explored the potential of smell as information, that enhanced and subverted the physical and symbolic boundaries of the urban ecosystem.

Photo Credit: Kvapos Kodas

Also trying to capture the essence of his homeland, Dainius Rutkauskas has develop a project called the Lietuvos Kvapas, a fragrance holding the entire History of Lithuania.  According to the website, the perfume will bring the essence of vibrant green nature, cozy urban towns, the passion for technology, and the courage of brave hardworking people, who cherish the traditions of their ancestors, and who stand firmly on the ground. It will also contain tolerance to other nations and religions... "The fragrance is a marketing tool". "It’s a way of showing the world what we can do. It’s a way of promoting Lithuania as a modern country, rather than just an old Soviet satellite state. To many people in the west, Lithuania has a bad image. They read in their newspapers of Lithuanians committing crimes or doing weird stuff. But we are not criminals or bandits.’ (extracted from Home Living News)
So, if you wonder how it smells... apparently it is the combination of bergamot, notes of wild flower bouquet, ginger, raspberry, notes of red berries, grapefruit, Lily of the valley, lilac, rose, amber, tree moss, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, note of tree smoke.
And how much does it cost to bring Lithuania to your very home? 25ml of the essence of this country will cost you app. 28 costs less flying to Vilnius!!!
The fragrances were sold to politicians, to the Ministry of Defense (bottles were sent to Afghanistan to the troops, to remind of their home), to tourists and businessmen visiting the country.
Patriotic indeed, as long as you don't use it as air freshener in your toilet!

New Jersey
Photo credit: Fragrantica

Last month FRAGRANTICA has announced the launch of a project called The United Fragrances of America developed by Samantha Sherwin and Sasha Bertran. The idea was to capture the moments, or memories of moments in specific places that we all have throughout life. The have travelled to many states of the country and with surveys, they finally found what they define local scents. They plan to launch a fragrance for each state  - and that means 50 of them! At the moment they have launched NJ, Florida, California, Texas, and New York. New Jersey for example, is a gourmand combination of fresh butter popcorn, cotton candy, caramel, coconut, vanilla extract, peach, patchouli and musk. That said, seems that the State has a thing for sweets. All of you who have visited New Jersey can comment here about your memories... I am curious to know if New Jersey has the sweet tooth vibe!
Texas has notes of cedar leaves, ruby red oranges, red cedar, white musk and amber. Curiously it does not contain any tobacco or leather notes (to remind us of cowboys), not a single note to remind us of a Spanish side of the state, nothing about Sierra Madre...Rio Grande...but if a survey was made...I cannot really say much...people told them about their memories of their time spent there...
Price: USD58 per 1.7 oz.

Colorado & Florida
Photo credit: S& H

Also exploring memories of youth, Shipley & Halmos brand have also launched a limited edition fragrance thinking of the Rock Mountains and South Florida waterways. Colorado & Florida is a fragrance that captures both sunny and snowy notes, translated to Outdoor accord (I wonder what that means?), sand pine, myrtle, Rose otto and ambergris.
Price: USD98 per 60ml.

Proving that Florida State is very popular in perfumery, The Scent Marketing Institute has commissioned perfumer Rene Morgenthaler of Smart Fragrances  to create a fragrance that would capture the spirit of the most cosmopolitan center of the State of that state - MIAMI. Six months later the perfume was finally elaborated and it brings a combination of jasmine, sun baked sand, coffee, salty air, Cuban cigars and orange trees (where is the smell of the Brazilian MOJO????). "it is an incredibly sensual, upbeat pallete of ingredients". It is a crisp fragrance with notes of lavender, jasmine, spices and citruses.
The fragrance can be found at Air Esscentials website under the name "Miami Beach".
Price: not available


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