Wednesday, March 7, 2012

International Women's Day 2012 Special - PART II


J'ADORE L'ABSOLU BY DIOR - All J'Adore perfumes are very feminine, but L'Absolu brings the Jasmine-Rose-Ylang absolute trio to the highest level of quality. It is sensual, classy, velvety and most of all, a "curvy" perfume.  If an image worth more than a 1000 words, a whiff of L'Absolu will simply make you speechless! 

Charlize Theron

The golden aura of Charlize is presented in every little drop of J'Adore fragrances, but in L'Absolu it is absolutely divine. Click HERE for a complete review in Portuguese. You can google translate it to English :-)


SUMMER BY KENZO EDP- Although it is called "summer", IMO this fragrance brings the spring spirit to the wearer. It is very almond-y & flowery. Somehow makes me think of a girlie look. You know...flower prints, vaporous dresses, laces, ballerina shoes...Winona Rider timeless baby face...

Winona Ryder

Anyways, Summer by Kenzo always makes me feel very feminine and super happy. I am all smiles wearing it. Crucial for times when women can get know... a substitute for chocolates or a true rescue for PMS.


PETITE CHÉRIE EDP BY ANNICK GOUTAL - continuing to mention this girlie style, this one is a fruity-flowery fragrance that was created by Annick to her daughter Camille to celebrate her 18th birthday. The main note in this fragrance is the most feminine of all fruits: peach. We all pursue a peachy skin, peach-like facial bone structure...peachy lips... The scent is delicate and the rose brings a chic touch to it.
Click HERE for a complete review.  

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is pure peach. She was the American darling for years. her angelical looks, her amazing smile and fabulous hair were her trademark. IMO she always had the hot combination of a delicate look but a very strong body. 

Photo credit: Isabelle Ribot
for + Q Perfume Blog

So dear female readers, whether you have the diva-mysterious style, or the girlie look, we all know that we are the strong sex in reality. We are the only ones capable of holding another being for 9 months, to give birth to a child, to work 2 shifts in 2 different places at the same time (working moms) always performing multitasked activities. 

And not to forgetting to mention: we are the real reason why perfumery exists! 

You don't deserve just one day, SO HERE IN MY BLOG YOU ARE CELEBRATED EVERYDAY!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind a guy commenting but I thought you summed up the appeal of Meg Ryan perfectly!


Dearest Paul, you are more than welcomed here in any post :-)

Faye of Under Eye Cream said...

I really appreciate you post. I find interesting. Glad to be here on your blog.

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