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International Women's Day 2012 Special - PART I

Idoru Dévoilée
Photo credit: Isabelle Ribot for + Q Perfume Blog*

As we are approaching March 8th, the date dedicated to women all over the globe, this blogger decided to put together a list of exquisite perfumes that stand out for bringing out femininity, exhaling luxury and style. 
Women today no longer stays at home nurturing children and doing house chores only. We are no longer dependable on a good marriage, aka rich husband. Today we enjoy the possibility of financial independence. Does it sound funny to you that I am mentioning this? Well, there were times where women were seen as a second class citizens, with less rights than men. There were times where women had to obey their brothers and husbands. There were times that we were seen as the fragile sex. Not long ago I must say. I recall one Criminal Law teacher, during my years studying Law, who said to all the classroom in a very loud voice something concerning my grades "I don't know why you try so hard if we all know very you will marry a rich guy and be a housewife, why don't you take culinary classes instead!". Or a former boss in a Law office in my first day working there "I sincerely hope you have a nanny lined up because I can't stand moms not coming to work because their kids are sick!". 
But back to our list, the fragrances I decided to pick are for the modern women who are not fragile or like the tomboy look. So, despite there are many fragrances that I adore and wear, they won't be listed because I seek here perfumes that can really enhance our feminine essence. You will find luminous, fresh, alluring, seductive, velvety perfumes that IMO are simply worth trying.

Photo credit: PUREDISTANCE

PUREDISTANCE I - a fresh green floral with subtly fruity overtones and a warm musky-ambery base that brings the aura of the most elegant of all women. I would even dare to call it the Grace Kelly perfume. Chic, timeless, sleek and pure in essence, this perfume designed by perfumer Annie Buzantian is the quintessence of the modern feminine women. 


It contains Grace Kelly's royalty, Natalie Portman magnetic intelligent style, and a large dose of Gwyneth Paltrow glowing beauty. What I mean to say is that this fragrance brings the classic Hollywood glamour, but it does not smell old fashioned. It is my first choice for glamourous impacts, and it works every time!


IDYLLE EDT BY GUERLAIN - Idylle is a flowery-exuberant perfume that contains the most modern concept of women: sensual and romantic. This perfume contains illuminated tenderness. It is precious and luxurious and very classy. As strange as it may sound, I think this is the elixir for blondes. It spreads out the luminosity of blonde women.


Although not endorsing this fragrance, Idylle is the very essence of Naomi Watts gentleness and blonde beauty. 

NARCISO RODRIGUES FOR HER EDP - This fragrance blends an amazing duo of rose and musk, bringing an alluring sensual effect to its wearer. It is a fact that men simply fall on their knees because of this perfume. It is soft, silky and creamy at the same time, and most of all, gorgeously seductive without being aggressive or imposing. Voluptuous without being cheap. Simply a must have for all women.


UN MATIN D'ORAGE EDP BY ANNICK GOUTAL - a springy and shimmering perfume created by Isabelle Doyen and Camille Goutal, exhaling the natural beauty of gardenias, enhancing vivacity, but endorsing tranquility. This perfume reveals the delicate side of women, without any reference to fragility. On the contrary, it is a powerful statement of presence, but in a very refreshing natural way. 


Pure Mila Kunis, Kate Beckinsale and Rachel Bielson refreshing sexy style.


TIARE EDP BY ORMONDE JAYNE - Click on TIARE for a complete detailed review of this fragrance! Linda's composition is a velvety exclusive luxurious perfume that is not for any ordinary woman. It is tailored for  mysterious, seductive, powerful women. 


It contains the strong, almost demanding presence and beauty of divas like Eva Green, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci and Penelope Cruz. 

To be continued...

*Isabelle Ribot is a French artist friends with + Q Perfume Blog. Her beautiful work presented here cannot be reposted without previous consent of this blog and the artist.

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