Monday, August 10, 2009

My birthday list (to my family)

In the beginning of the month I celebrated my birthday. I am in such a good mood these days that I made one hundred of plans for that week. To have brunch with friends and family, to have lunch with female friends only, a weekend off at the beach, going dancing...
In the end I did something completely different from all the plans I had in my list. I prepared a wonderful dinner for my family, went shopping for a birthday present by myself in the morning and had a different haircut that week. I spoiled myself and I was great! Besides, I got huge kisses from the 2 loves of my life, and that was just what I wanted!
Than it came the idea of putting up a list of fragrances for birthday celebrations.
Clubbing with friends:
To go to a club requires quite a production in Sao Paulo. If you are to spend a little fortune to have fun for a couple of hours, it is imperative to make it unforgettable.
You are the birthday girl, the center of the attentions, so superlatives fragrances go very well, after all, allure is the key word!I though of glamourous fragrances to involve everyone around you and give that festive finishing touch in your production:
Zen by Shiseido -
Because it is pure gold. If you close your eyes and smell this fragrance you will certainly think of gold.
The one by Dolce Gabbana -
It is sexy and festive, and it will certainly makes you feel you are the one in the center of the attentions. It is very feminine and kinda exotic. The silage and fixation is perfect for dancing.
Bourdoir Jouy by Vivienne Westwood -
It is super feminine, elegant and it is also a celebration of 10 years of the original fragrance.
With notes of red peony, jasmine and orris, this fragrance has an intense floral bouquet.
Weekend at the beach:
Relaxing or very active, it would be nice if you are now experiencing summer. Since here is winter and the weekend of my b-day the sun was shinning weakly, I gave up the idea. But if you feel like doing it - here are my thoughts for the perfumes.
Kate Summer time by Kate Moss -
A sparking fresh fragrance for summer. Néroli, bitter orange, galbanum and roses are very inspiring and a different idea to wear during the weekend.
L'erbolario - Bergamotto - Crema vitaminica - It is very and very nutritive for the skin also great after a sun bath. The skin will fell silk and perfumed for hours.
Lunch with the girls:
It is always fun to gather the best female fiends and chat while eating great food, but i have done that last year...
Mademoiselle Chanel by Chanel-
Just because I loooove it so much!
Summer by Kenzo -
It is one of these fragrances that makes you happy.
It is warm, soapy and romantic. Full of charm and sunshine. Great for lunch and afternoons.
Miss Dior Chérie L'EAU -
Floral fruit, a little bit gourmet, but not so heavy, it has a freshness that it is invigorating.
Brunch with friends and family:
Since some of my relatives like to spend the morning the Garfield style and wake up very late, i decided that the idea was good but maybe dinner instead of brunch.
As for the fragrances to wear...I think that will depend on your personality. Some women cannot wear pronounced fragrances in the morning, some can.
Petite Chérie and Un Matin D'Orange by Annick Goutal are 2 delicate fragrances that will bring a festive and cheerful aura to your celebration.
Escale à Portofino by Dior - fresh and chic.
OBS.: All these fragrances have a fresh start that later on develops to a heavier accord, so it is perfect for a brunch that will start late in the morning and finishes only after lunch!
If you can wear a fragrance that has stronger notes and less freshness, Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne is very elegant. It is mysterious and seductive, but it has a woody accord that somehow goes well with pastries, cakes, teas and hot chocolates!
Anyways, no matter how you are going to celebrate your birthday, the most important thing to remember is to be happy that you are alive, healthy, full of energy and productive. It doesn't matter who will remember to call you or give you a gift. This year make it totally personal: buy yourself a gift, be emotionally independent and take responsibility for your own happiness.
I chose Ormonde Woman by O.Jayne to wear in my b-day because it was cold that night and it has a comforting, cocooning soft and involving effect.
I took a long hot shower with the shower gel the perfumer has given me last year. It made me feel special, feminine and très chic! A few drops of the perfume, nice (but not too fancy clothes), and a natural/almost no make up (because I still can!!!!) make up production and I was ready to serve the delicious dinner I had earlier prepared for my close relatives, husband and son. Because after all, these are the people who I trully love to spend time with.
The fragrance is unique, like I was feeling that week. It is glamourous without shouting for attention, it is very seductive and perfect for later, when the relatives are already gone...


D Thompson said...

You are such a wonderful soul, thanks for very private entery.
Happy Birthday.

Your favorite Angel

+ Q Perfume said...

Thank you sweety, you are wonderful too!

Foquinha! said...

Parabéns à vc, à sua simpatia e mto, mto bom gosto, pelo blog e por todas as alegrias q nos dá!

Happy B-day atrasado,
Foquinha/Galápagos! :)

Nomadic Design said...

Happy Birthday! My dearest friend.

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