Sunday, June 14, 2009

Men Style Editor's pick - Colognes

Top colognes according to Men Style Editor:
1. Tom Ford for Men
2.Comme de Garçons 2 Man
3.Terre d'Hermés
4.Le Labo Rose 31
5.Creed Green Irish Tweed
6.Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme
7.Viktor & Rolf Antidote
8.Givenchy Gentlemen
9.Gucci pour Homme II
10.Calvin Klein Man
11.Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensia
12.Guerlain Vetiver
13.Polo Black
Snob value
To check for reader's choices & voting click here
Since today is GAY PARADE DAY in SAO, choose your the best option to be irresistible in the parade!
+Q Perfume would like to know what would you wear if you would join the party!
Also to read the 10 rules of style according to Tom Ford, click here
(Details Magazine)


Parfum said...

hmmm... tough question :)

From the list above I would have to choose Comme Des Garcons 2 Man

If I could choose from any perfumes it would probably be Diptyque's Oyedo!

- Matt

+ Q PERFUME said...

Dear Matt, the list is really tempting.
I wish I could spray all of them and smell straight from the neck!!!

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