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To Marcia Yahn

Lakshimi EDP is one more customized perfume that I have created with natural perfumer Ane Walsh this year. Developed to be given as a birthday gift to a friend who is an yoga & acro yoga teacher and massotherapist the scent parted from the idea of a body splash and body lotion that she loved very much but unfortunately discontinued.

She wanted a fragrance that would be gourmand with notes of coconut and vanilla, surrounding a fresh green note of lemongrass. A perfume that is uplifting and at the same time fresh and sweet. 


Launch Year: 2014
Perfumer: Ane Walsh
Top notes: Bergamot, Persian lime; Middle notes: Coconut absolute, vanilla, bee wax absolute; Base notes: vegetal musk, ambrette, Thai sandalwood, Massoia wood.
Olfactive family: citrus-fruity, with a gourmand touch.
Gender: feminine

Lakshimi EDP was inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Brazil.
The joyful aura of the North of São Paulo shores, its tropical weather and its exotic fruits.

Composed with notes of coconut and vanilla you will surrender to a holiday experience at the beach, feeling the skin warmed by the sun in a hot summer day. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion in the air will mix with the branny salty marine breeze.
After a day at the beach you will be brought to São Paulo’s countryside. The lemongrass note composed with citruses will take you to the roads that lead you to Paulistas’ farms and country houses.

The fragrance:
Lakshimi EDP is a game of contrasts. It is a relaxing fragrance that brings lemongrass, bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood. Calming essential oils that bring inner peace and comfort contrasting to an uplifting and energetic aura of Tropicalia.

The Brazilian aura was brought by the gourmet combination of vanilla, coconut and bee wax absolute. Coconut absolute notes were broaden with massoia wood and deepened with vanilla.The bee wax was added because my friend is nuts for honeyed scents. It gave a golden aura to the perfume and added more sweetness since the vanilla is a bit salty.
A sensual touch was brought with notes of sandalwood and vegetal musk.

The name:
Although the perfume was inspired by Brazilian landscapes the fragrance also brings a combination of essential oils to balance and calm vata-pitta doshas. By choosing Lakshmi for inspirations both perfumer and evaluator decided to add to this Brazilian inspired perfume the spirituality of the Hindus.

Photo credit of the Lakshimi Godess painting: Dory Hartley

According to Hindu specialist Subhamoy Das Goddess Lakshmi means Good Luck to Hindus. The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit word "Laksya", meaning 'aim' or 'goal', and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual.
Lakshmi is the household goddess of most Hindu families, and a favorite of women. Although she is worshipped daily, the festive month of October is Lakshmi's special month. Lakshmi Puja is celebrated on the full moon night of Kojagari Purnima.
Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful woman of golden complexion, with four hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud, which stands for beauty, purity and fertility. Her four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma or righteousness, "kama" or desires, "artha" or wealth, and "moksha" or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, suggesting that those who worship her gain wealth. She always wears gold embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity and the golden lining indicates prosperity. Lakshmi is the active energy of Vishnu, and also appears as Lakshmi-Narayan - Lakshmi accompanying Vishnu.
Two elephants are often shown standing next to the goddess and spraying water. This denotes that ceaseless effort, in accordance with one's dharma and governed by wisdom and purity, leads to both material and spiritual prosperity.
Worship of a mother goddess has been a part of Indian tradition since its earliest times.
Lakshmi is one of the mother goddesses and is addressed as "mata" (mother) instead of just "devi" (goddess).
As a female counterpart of Lord Vishnu, Mata Lakshmi is also called 'Shri', the female energy of the Supreme Being. She is the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.
It is believed that on this full moon night the goddess herself visits the homes and replenishes the inhabitants with wealth. A special worship is also offered to Lakshmi on the auspicious Diwali night.

From more creations of Simone Shitrit & Ane Walsh: La Signora EDP ; Ofir EDP

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