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My very own MASCULINE BLEND by Ane Walsh

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I love the idea of a couple sharing perfumes. I also love pairing fragrances. For example, when I wear Narciso Rodriguez for Her I want my husband to wear Encre Noir by Lalique - read the article when Mr. Noir meets Lady Rodriguez (obs: it has sexual content); when I wear Un Jour D'Hermés I want him to wear Terre D'Hermés...
So the idea of presenting him with an Iris themed fragrance was also a dream come true for me. The starting point of this fragrance was to develop a masculine version of my LA SIGNORA but with a masculine side. A bad boy in leather jacket.  I told Ane walsh I wanted a leathery side of my fragrance - she offered suede and I loved the idea of a soft leathery note. I also told her that I love pink pepper notes and that in fact I am in a phase that I want to smell pink pepper all the time. 

Fading Gigolo
Photo credit: NYT


Name: OFIR
Launch Year: 2014
Customized Edition
Perfumer: Ane Walsh
Gender: Masculine
Family: Floral - Leathery
Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡
The olfactive notes are most of the olfactives notes of LA SIGNORA:
Bee wax absolute, peach leafs, rosewood, cognac, Iris Fiorentine absolute, orris tincture, iris mimosa absolut, violet, polen, calamus, zdravetz(*), Marrocan Rose, ambrette, white musk, tolu balm, benjoim, cacao, bitter almonds, ambergris tincture, earth blend adding hindu Musk, styrax, linden blossom and of course pink pepper.

IMPORTANT: I forgot to add an important detail in my last article about La Signora perfume review: TIME. Time is crucial for a fragrance to mature and since these both blends are "babies" at this point, I will have to come back later to update on my description of both fragrances. 

So, for now this is what I have about OFIR:

The opening is Boozy - dark with notes of cognac and honey, just like mine, although much less honeyed than La Signora, it contains an almost hidden rubbery touch to it that makes the entire difference to the overall concept. It reminds me of Oud perfumes but Ane swears she haven't added Oud notes. It does have that smoky musky resinous smell of Oud anyways...She says it is Hina from India - that mix of oils including valerian, henna(Gulhinna), turmeric, nutmeg, cardamom, jasmine, rose, oakmoss and many other notes (yes, Hina is quite complex to make!)

It is not a boyish perfume. You have to be a man with a huge M factor to wear it (or wish to have the M factor).
If you watched Fading Gigolo you will understand that one does not need to be good looking to have women on their feet. One needs to be a MAN with a the M factor. So in a nutshell OFIR is Fioravante (played by John Turturro) - a man who knows his way with the ladies.
The iris notes were tuned down, but still having a presence that makes me feel in heaven. It is smoking good and once the resinous accent fades away the leather comes forward and the fragrance becomes more sensual.

Fact is that this perfume is really more suitable for colder days for its depth and smokiness, which is giving me the urge to make a flanker already since we are heading to summer... I will still need a lot irises and pink peppers!

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