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Coppertone, Beach Party movies and AT THE BEACH 1966 PERFUME ABSOLUTE by CB I HATE PERFUME

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Coppertone is one off the first sunscreens created during the WWII by airman Benjamin Green called originally Red Vet Pet. The protective formula was a petroleum-based red goo that soldiers used to protect the skin against the South Pacific sun.
In 1944 Benjamim created in his very own home using his wife's stove a more friendly formula using cocoa butter and jasmine oil soon to be supplied to his Miami customers.
The original Coppertone fragrance was called Coppertone #6 and it was developed app. in 1961. The name reminds the Chanel Nº5 legend that the name given to the perfume was because Chanel liked the batch #5. Coppertone #6 was named this way because the first five interactions were not acceptable and finally they succeeded with batch #6.
The olfactives notes to Coppertone #6 are: Green Orange Tree crushed leafs, lilac, lavender, orange blossom, Jasmine, Rose, Lilly-of-the-Valley, Ylang Ylang, combine with herbal and spicy notes (not disclosed) in a woody, musky balsamic base.*

Photo Credit: + Q Perfume Blog

Every time someone asks for my advise on perfumes for summer I usually say that for the evening I have a list, but for the day the fragrances of the suntan or sunblock lotions are usually the best to go for. Besides,  over layering them with perfume can be tricky sometimes.

This summer I finally decided to purchase my very own CB I HATE PERFUME fragrance. I had been using splits and samples over the years, but this holidays I went all the way to Williamsburg in NYC to visit the shop personally and purchase one of the best references to summer vacation perfumes: #101 - AT THE BEACH 1966.

Picture summer time in California during the 60's. Teenagers off college eager to have fun during the holidays. Gang of bikers, surfers, weight lifters and girls in bikinis shaking their golden bodies in the rhythm of rock n' roll. Love, break ups, Luaus, fights and chases, more girls shaking their touchies...more surfing and rock n' roll. All that hormonal rush gang rubbed on by Coppertone!

Now picture the same fragrance vibe with a whiff of the most refreshing fruity reference for summer:  Watermelon! BINGO! This is AT THE BEACH 1966 Perfume Absolute by CB I HATE PERFUME.
It is sexy, it is solar and most of all, it is timeless. It will also last for more than a day, so when you find comments such as "they are overpriced or expensive", I must disagree and say that in fact the costxbenefit is totally worth it because one tiny dab on your skin and you will be pushed back to the 60's for hours!!
As CB describes this fragrance "The prime note in this scent is Coppertone 1967 blended with a new accord I created especially for this perfume – North Atlantic. The base of the scent contains a bit of Wet Sand, Seashell, Driftwood and just a hint of Boardwalk. The effect when you wear At The Beach 1966 is as if you've been swimming all day in the ocean.Imagine it's about 4 o'clock on a golden summer afternoon and you've been at the beach all day rubbing yourself with Coppertone suntan lotion – but Coppertone as it existed in the 60's, not quite as it is now... You walk into the surf as the waves break on the shore and, bending down to touch the surf, you notice the smell of your warm skin and of the salt water that seems so cold by comparison. It has just the faintest hint of watermelon rind!"

Well CB knows his chemistry. Watermelons are also called the natural viagra due to Citruline, and here in this perfume just added one more teenager hormonal hard on effect.
A reference to aquatic fragrances of the 90's? NOOO! Don't even go there.
All CB fragrances are geniously engineered to be timeless no matter what ingredients they may have in their composition.  So how can a fragrance with a reference from the 60's be timeless?  Because CB perfumes don't follow trends!!! This fragrance did not follow a trend of the 90's when brands discovered that the smell of watermelons and melons combined to ozonic notes gave the idea of lightness and freshness. That said, it does contain the smell of Coppertone #6, but it not that fragrance! It is CB's reinterpretation of it and his interpretation is timeless. 

The brand also has the following perfumes fragrances referring to the beach theme: #701 - ETERNAL RETURN/OCEAN, #301 - Mr. Hulot's Holiday (I have listed it in my article of marine fragrances published in Class One Magazine in 2010) - all perfume absolutes and the Premium Accord #451 NORTH ATLANTIC.

I have been writing many articles about salty fragrances or fragrances that have the beach as a reference so here you will find quite a good list:

Acqua di Sale by Profumum Roma
Sel Marine by Heely
Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company
Côte D'Amour by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Caprifoglio by SMN
Figuier by Heely
Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris
Navegar by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Check also:

Suntan Lotion by Demeter
Beach by Bobby Brown
Fire Island by Bond Nº9
Estée Lauder Bronze Godess
Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar
Miranda by Fragonard
Jil Sanders Sun
Mahora by Guerlain
Island by Michael Kors
Classique by Jean Paul Gautier

Read also Marine Breeze  for a quick comparison of some of them.

One more thing...You can't miss Buster Keaton's best moves:

If you smiled while watching it, run to buy your AT THE BEACH contains the same effect, but olfactive instead of visual!

*Reference - Coppertone Sun Protection  Desk Reference - 2007 - Schering & Plough.


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Avery Gilbert said...


Christopher Brosius always does interesting work. Your post makes me want to smell At the Beach 1966.

Coppertone was certainly popular when I was growing up in California. But believe it or not baby oil was also big (cheaper!).

Thanks for the Annette Funicello clips. She was my favorite Mouseketeer.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

If it won't rain this Saturday try the ferry to Williamsburg- check if they have already moved because I just read in their website that they have to move - rental issues. I know the shop is closed sundays too... they have amazing fragrances and this one is super cool. Talk to Patrick (718) 3846809.

Unknown said...

Great Information to buy online Perfumes .. I am waiting for your next post

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