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Photo credit: Parfumerie Generale

Notes officially listed - Carob tree, sea salt and ambergris.
Notes non- officially listed - vetiver, orris, neroli, ionones, mint, hedione.
The inspiration of the fragrance is a photo entitled "Le Nu au Bois Flotée", by photographer Lucien Clerge - 1971)

Truman Capote in Long Island - 1965

This one is a bit salty, a bit sweet. Fig and skin. Sensual, warm, mineral ... a bit old fashioned...with a touch of modern fresh saltiness...

Smelling my wrist, I relate more to Truman Capote relaxing in a wicker chair, outside his home in the Hamptons, wearing those American coconut sun lotions and tons of aftershave, rather than French artistic photography.

Ok, not my favorite. But nice!

Salty Fragrances that I liked in the past:  Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company or Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris, Acqua di Sale by Profumum Roma, Sel Marine by Heeley,  or even L'Artisan's Coté D'Amour.

Edited by morning after thoughts - if it is called Bois... I think the woodiness would have to be better explored...but if you are an ambergris lover - that is a fragrance for you. Loaded of ambergris. At one point I got a bit tired of it. But in general - I loved the fig, I loved the delicate vetiver...did not like the old fashioned cologne of the 50's note, loved the mineral-saltiness.

RANDOM PERFUME PICKS - DAY ONE - So this is the first fragrance I picked randomly. A good start... I am a fan of salty fragrances. Let's see what I will get in my next article!


Unknown said...

Bois Naufrage is the only salty perfume I like. It's not too salty, and I love the gentle fig. I sometimes layer it with L'Artisan Ananas Fizz for a more "beach vacation" feel.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

I will try this layering! Thank you for the tip. I will let you know if I enjoyed it. I thought of layering with tuberoses...but the ambergris overpowered this maybe it will be too much.

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