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Pacific Perfumes - Natural Solid Perfumes - Brand & fragrances review

Last Sunday (OCT.30) at Perfume Talks (my fragrance discussion group in facebook) we were discussing about fragrances that somehow bring the notion of holidays, of relaxation  and even the notion of exotic lands. We spoke about fragrances having the magic power to transport you in a second to the dolce far niente of vacancies, or delicious idleness in English. At one point of this discussion, I realized that the notion of EXOTIC is different to each of us, depending where we are located in the world. For us Brazilians, who live in a very tropic land, exotic could be the icy lands of Finland, the ancient Chinese temples, the spicy foods and incensed temples of India, the crowded and loud shouks of Morocco and Istanbul. Exotic yes, but not the typical dolce far niente kind of vacancies. So where to go?

I kept this thought in my mind. What could be possibly exotic for us Brazilians, but still bring the notion of relaxation, of sunny weathers, of vacations? Thailand? Tahiti? Mauritius? Too obvious isn't it? Then I got a very nice package this week and all became very clear to me: New Zealand. Why not? Amazing Nature, indigenous people, weird sign language, close to Australia...that sounds pretty exotic no?
Brazilians know very little about New Zealand. We know it is an island (or two?) so far that we need to cross the globe to get there. We also know that they have exquisite natural resources such as glaciers, volcanos, lakes, parks and sandy beaches. We know that this country is the synonym of adventure with canoeing and bungy jumping, and that holidays in new Zealand involve a lot of wine tasting and walking barefoot in the middle of an urban city.

But the distance between Brazil and New Zealand is approximately 120,000km. Yes my friends, Aoteaora (how natives call their land, which means land with long white clouds) is really really far. 
Well, for those of us who could not make it this weekend, I propose we open my package to discover fragrances inspired by the beauty of Aotearoa and the South Pacific. A magical fragrant imaginary trip to New Zealand, starting when I open a beautifully crafted wood pot with the solid perfumes designed by Pacific Perfumes, mixing their local botanic essences of flowers, fruits, resins and woods.   

I propose a fragrant journey to New Zealand's!

Photo credit: Pacific Perfumes

Pacific Perfumes is a brand created by Francesca Brice and Kate JasonSmith, translating the uniqueness and vibrant vibe of New Zealand, into exquisite 100% natural botanic solid perfumes and soaps. The brand offers 02 collections of solids: The Artisan and The original Ranges.

FOREST OF FERNS - New Zealand has at least 200 types of ferns. Found in their forests forming the undergrowth beneath a dense canopy of evergreen trees. They are also found growing on tree trunks and branches along stream banks. The leaves of ferns are called fronds, and when they are young they are tightly coiled into a spiral. This shape is called Koru in Maori language and it is very popular motif in New Zealand's design.

Unfurling the majestic green freshness, this perfume comes with notes of lime, bergamot, basil, with an earthy touch of vetiver and a subtle flowery bouquet. It is herbal, tropical, zesty, slightly salty and very delicate perfume. It reminds me a bit of the scent of Tijuca Forest in Rio - with a jurassic touch to it, and it reminds me also a bit of Erik Kormann's July or 07
It travels through the forests of New Zealand and it settles down in a warm sand beach, relaxing barefooted and looking at the Pacific. It is exactly what I call " a fragrance of summer holidays".
Forest of Ferns is a delicious refreshing fragrance, that can be experienced all day long and a year round. It can also be shared by both genders at all ages.

I confess I was not so much into solids till I tried their perfumes. The base is creamy, and it feels very good to pass the finger and than spread it on the skin beneath the ear. It is a sensual ritual of perfuming I must say and I started to enjoy.

HULA LEI - A garland of jasmines and pandanus flowers so sublime, so erotic and so feminine that you can only think of making love in New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes. Petals of Rose Geranium bring a romantic touch to the fragrance, while vetiver again brings an earthy, slightly salty touch of tropical beaches.
Pandanus are used for handcrafted mats or jewelry boxes. The leafs are also used to bring flavor to rice, ice creams and curry dishes.
This is the most intense floral fragrance of the line, loosing only to LOVE THE MANGO - a very tropical fruity perfume.
Hula Lei is the fragrance that will bring flavor to our journey, it will bring exotic sensuality that does not have the notion of bronzed women from Bahia. 
You will think of tattooed New will think of bottles and bottles of wine making in New Zealand kept in a wooden pot...

You can purchase Pacific Perfume at ESTELLANA, a very nice and reliable website :-)



francesca said...

Both Kate and I said to each other how much we have in common with Brazillians! A love of the exotic in different ways. Thank you Simone for the gift of your words towards our Perfumes and your appreciation of our art. We feel truly honored to have a place here on your Blog and we hope we can share the success with your readers, in Brazil and worldwide.

+Q Perfume Blog said...

DEar Francesca and dear Kate, thank you for the compliments.
I must say that I am the one honored to have the possibility to learn about your fantastic work.
The fragrances are divine. I am having a hard time to choose which one to review first!
They are so delicate, so natural (WITHOUT that indie hippie Woodstock hangover that I dislike). They are amazing and the package needs an entire article to describe it. BRAVO ladies! You have a fan!!

Tara C said...

Wow, the wood solid perfumes are beautiful! Love it!

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

They are dear, they are...they smell divine!!

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