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photocredit: Heeley

Launch: 2008
Perfumer: James Heeley
Origin: France
Olfactive Family: Marine
Gender: Both genders can wear it.
Olfactive Notes: Lemon, bergamot, sea salt, sea weed, vetiver, birch, cedar.
Description by the Brand: "A refreshing and striking note of lemon will fade to reveal an aquatic green note, while vetiver and light drift woods of cedar and birch dry slowly in the sand and salty sea air."
Inspiration: Bo Derek "10"/Kelly Slater and Sundance Kid
Description by + Q Perfume Blog: SALTY, FRESH, MINERAL, SUSHI, FLOWERY, minty, spicy.
Rate: ♆♆♆♆, where: 
♆♆♆♆♆ - Complete nautilus experience.
♆♆♆♆ - Marine delight.
♆♆♆ - I would visit this beach, but not really buy a house there!
♆♆ - can we visit another seashore?
- pure brine sauerkraut?

Silage: Good at first, tuned down later.
Fixation: Good
When to wear: Very versatile, can be a fragrance for every occasion and season.
Could pair with: Prends Garde à Toi EDP by Ego Facto.
You can find Heeley fragrances at their website, clcik on the name HEELEY.

From Luca Turin, author of Perfumes The Guide -  Fall 2008: "Sel Marin (Heeley) ★★★★ salty vetiver $$$ We’ve seen this fresh-salty, bracingly marine idea of citrus, helional and vetiver before, notably in Diptyque’s Virgilio and Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel, but in truth I think this iteration is the best so far. LT". From Chandler Burr - Scent Notes NYT - May 11, 2010: "James Heeley’s Sel Marin (Marine Salt) succeeds in distilling the scent of the ocean’s salty green brine, while infusing it with the light of the clear blue sky above it. Exquisite." From Elisa Garbbet's article " On the Scent - the smell of money": "Sel Marin opens with a crisp, alcoholic note like cucumber vodka, then settles into a nautical citrus—mostly clean, pleasant lemon, with an oddly realistic saltwater thread that comes and goes, like the whiffs of sea air you get while eating lunch on a dock. I like it well enough, and would like it even more on a leather-faced Italian in a neck kerchief, but you’ll never catch me spending this much on wearable club soda."

Utterly Hip, remarkably seaweed-y, oddly reminds me of sushi (that even triggers a mouth watering effect), and subtly spicy, this perfume is a salty gourmandise. 
The combination of salty melons and seaweed brought by Helional seems familiar. It reminds of sushi and yet it is not sushi. Wicked!


When Burr mentioned brine - it does have a trace of brine, but less sour than sweet. But I can relate to the brine idea too. I guess it is because I mentioned sushi and vinegar is also an ingredient added in the rice used in sushi. Although most reviews mention the saltiness of this fragrance, I find the crispy note of salt very subtle, very delicate. too delicate to my taste. But I smell salty sour melons, not cucumbers or cabbage - that is really another interesting smell.
I also found this come and go notes effect in the fragrance. It becomes very delicate after a few minutes on the skin, and when you less expect, you receive a freshly whiffed perfume sensation again.

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The first whiff brings a green y note of recently cut hay with a touch of mint, than you have a sushi experience, followed by a delicate spicy brine and flowery combination. As oddly as it might sound to you, the fragrance is in fact very nice! The flower bouquet is very delicate, and does print a Heeley signature on the bottle.
Good as a Nobu sushi treat, I strongly recommend the experience!!
for Nobu click HERE


Henrique said...

This is the way to do a gentleman, soft, marine fragrance, without smelling too ozonical. The sushi reference is lost too me, although i feel something very herbal at the opening, mixed with the fresh melon note. It's a note which reminds me of cilantro. Then, it goes soft with a mixture of vetiver, citrus notes, and something salty. I just wished it last longer! I'm happy that i have a big bottle of this one, because to enjoy it properly the best way is to spray with abandon.

+ Q Perfume Blog said...

Dearest Rick, thank you for sharing your Sel Marin experience. Sometimes it is very frustrating to see that you write many many articles and there isn't this exchange of impressions. I was even wondering if to continue to write this blog. Although my rating is high - having many people reading it. I feel that I am writing to myself. I am not expanding my knowledge as I thought I would. I really hoped for more author-readers exchanges.
Anyways, the sushi resemblance to my senses is so strong that I can't extract it from my nose/mind.
Enjoy your bottle dear. When it finishes, but Profumum Roma!

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