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Ormonde Jayne, Champaca, India and Matahari/ormonde Jayne, Champaca, Índia e Matahari

Ormonde Jayne reviews - Champaca
Ormonde Jayne Parfum
Champaca by Ormonde Jayne is one of the most beautiful perfumes I ever had the pleasure to wear.
It is described by Linda Pilkington as elegant & intimate and to me, it is an exotic floral perfume that brings mystical India to the skin. We are not talking here about vintage hippie perfumes with heavy patchouli and sandalwood notes. Far from it, Champaca is a contemporary fragrance that is the very best extract of South Asia.
According to perfumer, it is what you see and smell in Indian villages.
Notes: Neroli, Pink Pepper, Bamboo, Champaca, Freesia absolute, Basmati rice, Myrrh, green tea and musk. Offered in 2 versions, Parfum and Eau de Parfum.
My trip to India with Champaca:
A hint of neroli and pink pepper brings a sparkling, intoxicating, bitter-sweet note with a green freshness of bamboo scent. It is a calling to travel to far far lands where exotic hindu dancers rhythmically move their bodies to express spiritual rasas. I start my journey here.
Involved and eager to unfold layers of fragrant experiences I discover the soliflower note of Champaca.
Michelia Champaca is a magnolia-scented-like flower, that I have the pleasure to encounter almost every day (when blossoming) in my life.
In Asia the tree is often planted in sacred temple grounds, because it is believed to be holy.
Michelia Champaca
Extracted from the tree, Champaca oil is aphrodisiac and brings euphoria. Because the flowers have are strongly fragrant, they are used in bridal beds, garlands and in water bowls to scent the house.
It was the main ingredient used in one of the most expensive perfume ever produced, Joy by Jean Patou, the tree is also know as Joy Perfume tree. (also found in Euphoria by Calvin Klein and J'adore by Dior).
In OJ's creation, the pleasant scent is combined with a creamy-nutty note of Basmati rice.
Basmati rice
Basmati is one of the most fragrant & delicate type of rice in the world, and it has been cultivated for centuries on the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Basmati is Hindi means the queen of fragrance, and in the fragrance makes the floral accord smooth, balanced and creamy. A gourmet note, but not in a western world sense of the word - in an Asian style: rice is commonly know for its properties of healing, it is offered in rituals and it is a part of monastic diet of Buddhist monks. The basmati note nourishes the juice, turns it into a rich, creamy, generous juice and when combined with myrrh becomes almost a holy perfume. It is delicate, a little bit nutty, a little bit flowery, feminine, mystical, elegant and chic.
The heart note extends for hours, like if the perfumer wanted us to accomplish the Hindu trip slowly, so we can build vivid details memories that will last forever.
We will let the perfume involve and heat our skin; like a dancing flame in a Bharatanatyam Hindu dance.
But a trip to India and all it symbols is a obvious relation to Champaca fragrance. It is the perfumer's inspiration.
I had other ideas for this perfume.
Champaca also brings a sexy and lusty feeling to a perfume.
To me it is a Matahari fragrance.
She was a wealthy woman (the noble, chic side of the perfume) and a divorcee (at that time she was very controversial and ahead of other women - the contemporary shade of Champaca). After bankrupcy and divorce, she was making a living and became famous as an exotic dancer & courtesan(exotism and Asian presence in the perfume), she was also dancing/stripping to show her naked breasts, and as she was not thin like nowadays models, the creamy, the roundness musky sensation is also present.
She made men crazy , she was a Famme Fatale, and was sentenced to death because she was believed to be a spy, so there is a sexual, cheap and mysterious side of Champaca notes.
Matahari pictures
Click here for a musical train trip to the Indian mountains with my favorite Hindu song.
Click here to watch a beautiful Bharatanatyam dance
Photo credits: (bamboo); (champaca); (matahari); (basmati rice)
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Adorei a review!! Champaca é um dos meus favoritos de Ormonde Jayne.

Mil beijinhos!

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