Saturday, January 3, 2009

Octavian Coifan Fragrance

Promising to bring more of France to the blog, and to bring exclusive information, I am very excited to reveal wonderful news:
Octavian Sever Coifan is a historian and writer living in Paris.
He has published the books Fragrance the Essential Guide, 1000 fragrances vol.I and vol.II.He is also the owner and writer of 2 blogs, 1000 fragrances and Octavian Coifan, and in 2008 he was a silver winner at the Perfume Blogs Fragrantica Awards.
This year he cames with a huge surprise: His very own fragrance!!!
For those of you, like me, that have been following his blog, you will agree that he is one of the most serious writers about fragrances and a sensational researcher.
I am always amazed by his chemical skills, his findings, his opinions and his awareness of the fragrance market.
I checked his new site and although the fragrance cannot be seen yet, for the little pick he offers, seems to me that it will be something major!
So +Q Perfume wishes him all the success in 2009, with his new fragrance and I am looking forward his new articles & to sample the fragrance.
To learn more about perfumery with the most reliable source in the blogosphere click on the links:
To check his new site click here: forbidden fragrance
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