Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MEGA Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf will launch soon a new fragrance Eau Mega with mega model Raquel Zimmerman.The model, as the flacon is pure gold, like a super hero.
“We wanted to express this feeling of ‘megafying’ yourself, like when you use this fragrance, you become the best, biggest megaversion of yourself, whoever you are,” explains Horsting.
Designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren thought of the name Eau Mega because they wanted something that would complement Flowerbomb. "Whereas Flowerbomb was a very sensual, gourmand and oriental fragrance, we wanted to create a fragrance that is fresh but not sporty or natural.” described by the designers.
Although Mega is an eau, it is very feminine and glamorous.
The brief for a fresh, feminine and glamorous scent was given to International Flavors & Fragrances perfumers Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim, who also conceived Flowerbomb’s juice.
“We wanted to create a big perfume that had the quality of freshness and fluidity of water,” said Ladan Lari, international managing director of Viktor & Rolf Fragrances. So there’s an aquatic entry with green notes, such as violet leaf, green basil and pear.
“The ‘mega’ part is about the flowery heart,” continued Lari. There, notes include peony, sambac jasmine and Italian primofiore lemon. “And then, it finishes up with something very warm, very creamy and enveloping,” she said, of the cedar, cashmere wood, sandalwood and white musk notes. “As always, Viktor and Rolf wanted contrasts. So the perfumers came up with something very cold at the start that finishes up with a warm end.”
Viktor & Rolf irão em breve lançar sua nova fragrância: Eau Mega, com a super top model Raquel Zimmerman.
A modelo, em tamanho gigante na campanha e dourada como o frasco de perfume, parece uma super heroína. Os designers explicam que a idéia era expressar a sensação de magnitude, de ampliar o ser quando usar a fragrância, tornando-se melhor, tornando-se uma mega versão de si própria, seja você que for.
Os estilistas Viktor Horsting e Rolf Snoeren pensaram no nome Eau Mega, pois eles queriam uma fragrância que complementasse a anterior, Flowerbomb, uma fragrância sensual, gourmand e oriental. Eles queriam desta vez criar uma fragrância fresca, mas que não fosse esportiva ou do tipo natural. "Apesar de Mega ser uma Eau, é muito feminina e glamurosa", completam.
O perfil de estudo para uma fragrância fresca, feminina e glamurosa foi dada para os perfumistas da IFF, Olivier Polge e Carlos Benaim que criaram o Flowerbomb.
"Nós queríamos criar um perfume que tivesse a qualidade do frescor e a consistência fluída da água" - Conta Ladan Lari, o diretor internacional da marca. Portanto existem notas de saída aquáticas, com notas verdes, tais como folhas de violetas, o basilicão e a pera.
"Mega é coração floral da fragrância", Ladan Lari continua explicando, "com notas de peônias, jasmim do tipo sambac e flores italianas. A finalização é quente, muito cremosa e envolvente, com notas de cedro, madeira de chachemira, sândalo e almíscar branco."
Como sempre, os estilistas queriam o contraste: notas de saídas frias com finalização quente.
photo credits/créditos fotográficos: the fashion spot

Monday, July 27, 2009

Truly blue/ Verdadeiramente deprimida

After one week in bed, sick as I have never been before in my life.
The symphony of coughing & sneezing is gone, but my body is still aching a lot.
I began to see the light in the end of the tunnel.
Devastating, the flu this winter is simply devastating.
And it is not even the oinc oinc one...the regular, plain, known to us as flu!
Depois de uma semana inteira doente como eu nunca fiquei na minha vida, me parece que as coisas estão melhorando.
A sinfonia da tosse e do espirro passou e ficou aquela dor infernal no corpo de quem passou uma semana jogada na cama.
A luz está clareando no final do túnel enfim...
Devastadora, simplesmente essa gripe de inverno está devastadora.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Winter blues

It was fun making a list of summer fragrances, but here in Brazil the weather is not helping much. It is cold, wet and windy.
The winter in Sao is not like the snowy winters of the US or Europe. We have sunny and warmer days intercalated by cold gray-ish ones.
I am a winter creature. I just love the fact that we can put layers of clothes, wear nice sweaters, long boots and feel the cold air enter the nostrils in the morning.
Hot soups (minestrone), cappuccinos and herbal teas are my favorites.
I put a lot of pepper and salt in my dishes and most of all, I eat tons of ginger.
In my neighborhood you can smell the scent of burning wood which is amazing, despite the fact that burning wood is not an eco friendly attitude. But still, it is the smell of winter!
So, freezing here in Sao, I decided to make up my lonely list of fragrances that will bring a warm sensation, a feeling of being in a warm bed, of cocooning or heating up the spirit.
I hope you will enjoy my choice's!!
HE Wood by D Squared 2
Poivre Piquant by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Italian Cypress by Tom Ford
Oud 27 by Le Labo
Duro by Nasomatto
Liaisons Dangereuses by Kilian
Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens
Cedre Blanc by Heely
Chanel nº 5 Eau Premiere by Chanel
Ambré by Baldessarini
Ambre Russie by Parfum D'Empire
Nomaoud by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Kyoku - Grooming

Grooming with japanese villagers of new york!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog´s Summer Fragrances best choices

Our dearest perfumer and blogger Ayala Sender invited us to join an expontaneous project of bringing together a list of fragrances for this summer.
although here is still winter, I really enjoyed the gathegories proposed.
You can click on the links to check the other fragrances chosen by other participants.
Have a happy summer time!
+Q Perfume Blog Summer Fragrant Pleasures:
1. Summer night in the big city A fragrance inspired by the color of a nightfall - the blue indigo. A mysteriously warm and vibrant perfume for a woman searching for fun on a summer night: L’Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo par Famme EDT The new fragrance by Kenzo Vibrant, sunny and mysteriously sexy. Nightly notes of bergamot, mandarine, Sambac jasmine, Ylang, Orange blossom, ambar and Tonka beans.
2. International travel/jet-setting Travelling to India is trendy these days in Brazil, so I couldn’t think of something else than a fragrance inspired by an exotic trip such as the new flanker of Dior. Prepare your passport to the next stop: Escale à Pondychéri EDT by Dior A citrus - aromatic blend that is fresh for summer with a pinch of spices. Notes of tealeaves, cardamom, jasmine and sandalwood. 3. Going sailing That is tricky for me because I have motion sickness and sailing is a challenge to me, although I love the sea! The only thing that helps me feel better from seasickness is a good jump on cold salty waters. So, I could not think of something else than the best product for summer sports such our traditional Nivea Sunscreen. I just love the fragrance! Smelling good and protecting the skin to keep our youthful look is a must: NIVEA SUN invisible Protection 4. Drive-In Fragrance: catching a movie in the drive-in theater Drive-ins are open spaces, so we can be bold this summer and try something more dense than just a splash or a cologne! I would go for something that complements the atmosphere: Infusion de Fleur D’Oranger EDT by Prada Fresh floral with powdery notes. Notes of Mandarin, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, serenolide and powdery notes. 5. Summer siesta Although mint has an uplifting and waking up effect, hot summer days can be taught. In order to cut the head-in-the-oven sensation I think that I found a great fragrance: Menthe Fraîche by Heely Subtle and refreshing, the fragrance brings notes of mint leafs, Sicilian bergamot, mate, green tea, lotus leafs and white cedar. If you succeed to sleep with mint, this could be a good choice. If not try: Patyka Hespéridé by Patyka With citrus and lavander notes. Fresh and relaxing! 6. Garden - something you'll wear while tending to your summer garden From the collection Natura Águas (Natura Waters). A body splash inspired in brazilian yards, gardens and fruit plantations. Fresh and flowery, this fragrance brings creamy white flowers with fresh citrusy-fruity notes. Delicate as flowers, comforting as a sunny day and fresh for daily use: Natura Côlonia Orquídea by Natura Fragrant path: Bergamot, mandarin, cyclamen and neroli, muguet, orange flower blossom, rose and orchid, musk, cedar, heliotrope and sandalwood 7. Beach scent I love to take a walk at the beach in the afternoon to watch the sundown. The sea breeze and warm winds are so romantic. The scents of the seashore are amazingly relaxing. I thought of a fragrance that has an Italian summer accent: Acqua Viva by Profumum Roma A fragrance with fresh and clean notes of lemons, drops of sugar and woody notes. It has a touch of the Mediterranean seashore and Italian romance. Notes of Amalfi lemons, Sicilian broom flowers, cypress and cedar. 8. Bar-B-Q A fresh scent to cut the greasy smells of burning meat and melting fat and fresh salads! Careful or someone might take a bite of you too: Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone EDT Fresh and clean, this citrus-aromatic fragrance brings notes of limes and mandarins spiced up by basil and white thyme. 9. Best fruit salad scent I thought of lichees and kiwis or Harajuku collection…but than I remembered something very interesting about the green-ish flacon of Dior’s new flanker that feels fresh for summer: Miss Dior Chérie L’Eau EDT by Dior Fruity and sparkling interesting, the fragrance is young and joyful. The gardenia trend is here again and the touch of dry woods is interesting. Woody notes are too heavy for me during summer time, but here they are simply involving the fruity-floral notes. Notes of Bigarade orange, Fruity notes, gardenia, floral notes, white musk, patchouli, caramel and dry woods.
Check out the other blogs participating in Best Summer Fragrances - 2009:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A different kind of fragrance video! Have fun!!!

The ‘Lâmb: Fragrance for Women’ campaign is a follow-up to the effective Sam Kekovich broadcasts from January 2005 and 2006, another offering from Meat and Livestock Australia.

New Project

This month I am sharing with you the happiness of celebrating the first anniversary of + Q Perfume Blog.
With that in mind I created a new corner called Trends & Blends.
Here you will find the latest creations of the Big Brands and Niche perfumery.
We will bring the trends of the market.
We will show the newest campaigns.
I hope you will enjoy it and continue to be a follower of +Q Perfume Blog!
Fragrant kisses Simone.

Biehl Parfumkunstwerke - olfactive passports!

Thorsten Biehl is a traveller. In his bag, the culture of 60 different countries, a career in market positioning and development strategies for perfumes, marketing and evaluation and successful achievement as an entrepreneur.
His olfactive gallery as he calls his business, is a place where perfumers create art.
The concept of the fragrances is Art in a Flacon.
Exclusive and unusual fragrances for individuals, not for the masses.
Every fragrance is a limited edition with lot number. Exclusiveness is a matter of quality for this brand.
No models, no complicated packaging and design, minimalism is the motto (less is best).
The collection was design by 6 different perfumers, of six different countries:
Henning Biehl, Mark Buxton, Patricia Choux, Egon Oelkers, Arturetto Landi and Geza Schön.
Click here to enter to the gallery

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nez à Nez fragrances and spirits! Part one

NEZ à NEZ collection
Christa Patout and Stéphane Humbert in the process of creating the fragrances for the brand NEZ à NEZ, combine their own experiences with photographs, the collection of fragrances gathered in many years, Humbert's paintings and choices of colors, Christa's trips and knowledge of anthropology.
For them the sense of smell is based on primitive feelings, they "express and talk" themselves humanly without imposing a body.
Every fragrance is an experience, a story told with the nose, a spirit and a mood.
Note of Rhum, Cognac, Black Grape, Cade, Leaves of Patchouli, Roots of Vetiver, Raspberry, Tobacco, coffe beans and vanilla you will find yourself in an Atelier d'Artiste
You will go up the stairs made of stones. There you will find a leather coach, canvases, books, pencils, a paint brush, a glass of raspberry wine, a candle, the muse and her painter.
Notes of Fresh herbals, Fig tree leafs, Petit grain, Fig, Kiwi, Cedar, Sandalwood and Musks will invite you to scape barriers, will challenge you to have fun, to up bring thoughts, to collide with the buffalo. Be loud, animate, influence crowds, be spontaneous!
The leaves are rustling in the wind...
Enter to a forest with notes of Grapefruit, Licorice, Halzelnut, Cedar, Cinnamon, Chlorophyll, Ambar, leather and Vanilla.
Be attracted to nature, smell the woods, observe...
Engage in a +Q Perfume quest!
Find out a new brand, indulge your senses, live a new experience, taste a different dish, talk to a different type of person than you, try a new shampoo, kiss different lips or kiss the same lips with a different bold, be curious, be alive!!!!
Photo credits: NEZ à NEZ

TOME I - La Pureté by Zadig & Voltaire

To Dimitri, the angel...
TOME I - La Pureté
Rock n' Roll Angel
Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi are the co-founders of LE LABO, a brand that has been around in the market and in this blog for quite a while (they were the first brand interviewed in the blog, and the first supporters of my project a year ago- click here for the interview). Together with Thierry Gillier they created a fragrance-concept called TOME I - La Pureté for the brand Zadig & Voltaire.
The first fragrance of the brand is inspired by a story of a fallen angel, the messenger of utopia, a rock n' roll symbol loved by the brand.
The fragrance-concept has a white bottle, the symbol of purity and heavenly dreams and the packing is a white book with a Thomas Kempis quotation:
"Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all the temporary nature".
The idea is to go beyond the fragrance itself and tell a story, an olfactive story.
The bottle
With Blends of milky notes,
Patchouli oil,
Orange Blossom,
Jasmin Tea,
Tonka beans,
Sandalwood and vanilla.
It promises to bring inverted commas, nursery rhymes, purity, vitality, simplicity, extravagance and impertinence.
Spiritual, it brings heart and soul together in a delightful and innocent whirl.
I can't wait to put my hands on the bottle!
The movie has a nice movie that you can watch by pressing here.
The same style of the new campaign for Calvin Klein's CK One I may say...
Zadig & Voltaire has a Rock n' Roll, androgynous and cozy and punk, trendy cool style at the same time. It is fun, natural and the cashmeres are a must!
Extravagant Hot Angels
Photo credits: Fragrance - Zadig & Voltaire

Friday, July 10, 2009


Vicent Van Gogh
Peach Tree in Bloom at Arles 1888
Vicent Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters.
When he moved to Arles, France he had the idea of creating an art colony.
He fully develop his amazing style, painting beautiful landscapes, cafés and places he used to hang around with Gauguin.
It was a phase of beautiful bright colors such as oranges and yellows, but also of creamy soft canvas like Peach Tree in Bloom.
As in Van Gogh's, peach trees had a huge impact I my life. When I leaved in the Middle East one of my favorite trips during the weekends was the tracking to the peach trees field. Taking a long walk, breathing cold fresh air and stopping to rest on a peach tree blooming was absolutely incredible. Made me feel alive, happy and fulfilled.
The beauty of a peach tree blooming is really overwhelming!
And Van Gogh's geniality and sensibility could not let this beauty scape from his canvas.
Peach tree flower in bloom
Moving from tree to fruit: Prunus Persica is one of the most sensual fruits on earth!
The velvety pinkish skin involves a juicy yellowish creamy fruit, that has a very delicate perfume.
The fruit is perfect in all senses: The touch is delicate, the colors are beautifully spread, the taste is luxurious and slightly acid-sweet, and the smell...the smell is an invitation to sin!
As luscious as it looks, as it feels and as it tastes, I find it very hard to enjoy perfumes with peachy notes. They tend to smell too fake, to sweet or to strong to my taste.
Famous fragrances like Dolce Vita by Dior, Fracas by Piaget, Joy by Jean Patou, Mitsouko by Guerlain, The One by Dolce & Gabbana have strokes of peaches in their canvas, but they are not peach statements.Than I found Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal.
Fatal speechless peach! SPEACHLESS!
Petite Chérie collection
Fresh, slightly green and flowery, the cut green grass notes is essential to my sensibility and my idea of an ideal peach perfume. The combination of the dry, fresh and rather masculine touch with the sweet, gentle, feminine fruity delicacy is an indulgement to my senses.
The fragrance is for young, naive and yet witty young ladies.
The girl - ish side of the fragrance becomes more sophisticated with a touch of rose.
There you will really find the creator's inspiration: the phase when her child was becoming a fine young woman but still had traces of a child. The transition in a woman's life translated into an olfactive experience.
Petite Chérie makes me think of an elegant ball, or better than this, the movie Gone with the wind.
The perfume is indeed Vivien Leigh's Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the wind: Sophisticated, with a velvety white skin, glorious fresh smile, huge flowery dresses and rosey lips!
A young girl who becomes a woman faster than she wished for. She is a beautiful young rich debutante with desires and a power to struggle to conquer and achieve.
On my skin the vanilla note develops rather fast and involves the fruit. It is sensuous and feminine.
Delicate like Van Gogh's paiting, vivid like Scarlet and juicy as any mature peach, I love the concept!
Still when it comes to peachy perfumes I tend to think twice before wearing them, but this one made me smile today, even thou I had many reasons to feel like Scarlet in the middle of a Civil War!!!
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