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Perfume & Rain drops - fragrances for rainy days

Seems like it has been raining forever... 
I left Brazil for a month and enjoyed winter in the Middle East. I found snow blizzards, scary wind storms and rainy days over there...floods to be more specific. I could not complain about it because when you are in a country where people name rain showers because it simply never rains, a flood is a sort of a divine blessing. But once back home I expected at least 2 more weeks of summer. Sun never showed up, and I am beginning to feel moody. So it is time to take the survival kit off the closet (raincoats, rubber boots, umbrella) and check the fragrances that can whiff the blues away!

But first, let's set the mood:

and now back to perfumes, listed in a randomly order:

1. Unknown Pleasures by Kerosene EDP- When you are feeling a bit down, a warm hug, a sexy kiss, a cup of a special blend of tea, a hot chocolate and a gourmet fragrance will do the trick. You should try all of them :-))))
Syrupy sweetness of honey, combined with zesty notes of citruses, classy notes of earl grey tea, cozy vanilla, tonka. To wrap up with a gourmet delight, notes of waffle cone. The idea here is to wear a fragrance that not only has an uplifting start, but also a cozy gourmet aura. 

2. Les Nombres D'Or - Vanille EDP by Mona di Orio - Vanille is know for its comforting effect on everyone, so I picked one that is really luxurious.
Notes of petit grain, bitter orange, cloves and rum will warm your heart from the beginning. Amber, tonka, vanille, tolu, leather and musk will lead you to hours of pure coziness. Vetiver, sandalwood, guaiac wood and ylang ylang are notes that Mona added in this composition that made me smile each time I wore this fragrance.

1. Jonquille de Nuit by Tom Ford EDP - When I first tried this fragrance in New York it was also a rainy day and I remember feeling happier afterwards. Months later I got to smell it again in Israel, also during a cold rainy day and it made be happier again. It is super flowery, super chic and outrageously expensive - but worth trying...
Notes are: cyclamen, mimose, angelica, violet leafs, bitter orange blossom, narcissus, orris and amber.

3. Bamboo Harmony EDP by Kilian - here you won't find coziness. On the contrary, freshness is the beat. Bergamot, neroli and bigarade will bring un uplifting effect, while bamboo, white tea leafs will complete the refreshing - chic accord. Notes of fig leafs, oakmoss and spices will enrich this amazing perfume. Needless to say Calice Becker style!

4. L'Ambre des Merveilles EDP by Hermès - This fragrance embodies mystery, sensuality and warmth. A bit of stronger emotions seems to whiff away the grouchy state of mind. Besides, it contains a golden caramelized syrupy aura...
Notes of amber, labdanum, vanilla and patchouli.

5. Coco Chanel EDP by Chanel - Chanel fragrances have a luxurious aura, and it seems that you can't wear pajamas and it is time to move the butt off the couch, put some nice clothes and make up and wear this glorious perfume  - and DO SOMETHING with your life!
Notes are: coriander, pomegranate blossom, mandarin orange, peach, jasmine, bulgarian rose, mimose, cloves, orange blossom, clover, rose, labdanum, amber, sandalwood, tonka, opoponax, civet and vanilla.
Besides - I met this amazing guy during my flight back to Brazil, and he said he loves Coco Chanel...that put a smile on my face too...

6. Figuier EDP by Heeley - One of the most delicious fig fragrances I know. Fresh, green-y and pulpy.  It is also very solar, very summer-y. I can almost smell shells and sand hidden under the fig note. It has a sexy like feel...You will close your eyes, smell your skin and think BEACH BEACH BEACH. If you like Heeley - you can also try Menthe Fraiche, which has a very cooling icy effect that wakes up anyone who is a bit drowsy from depression...
Notes here are:figs, rhubarb, white tea, cedar, dry grass.

7. Eau de 34 by Diptyque - Anyone knowing this brand is already smilling. Their fragrances are amazingly well build. The reason why I chose this fragrance is the fact that most of the notes composing this one do have a relaxing, calming, uplifting effect on people.
Notes are bitter orange, lemon, verbena, lavender, grapefruit, juniper berries, nutmeg, birch leafs, cinnamon, geranium, tuberose, cedar, incense, patchouli, labdanum and moss.

8. Safran Nobile EDP by Technique Indiscrete - Everything about Indian culture is colorful and happy. You imagine colorful saris, fragrant spices, amazing combination of fruits and piquancy in their savory dishes... The music, the visual, the smells...India makes me smile. Here Louison created a fragrance inspired by an Hindu wedding.
Citrusy fresh uplifting notes of lemon and oranges are combined with spices such as anise, cardamom and  saffron. Jasmine (always related to the Hindu culture) is softened with notes of benzoin, patchouli and vanilla.

9. Dahlia Noir EDP by Givenchy - a powdery dusty floral perfume. Simply because it smells of J&J baby it feels feels cute...nothing more than that! Main stream perfume are like that...but in this case, it will do the trick. I promise you.

10. Thierry Les Parfums de Cuir - Angel - read a full review here. Also gourmet, also leathery...a complete treat for someone who needs to feel loved and happy...

So this is it darlings. If you are also locked at home because it is raining. If you are a bit down for any reason, or no reason at all, if you need a hug today...I blow you a fragrant kiss with any of this 10 scents I chose specially for you, because they made me feel better!

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Esxence 2013

Ever since Esxence has been devoted in enhancing all the excellences from the Artistic Perfumery world and in offering a special opportunity to new talents.

In 2013, from March 21st to 24th at the Palazzo della Permanente, it's back with great news: on the occasion of its fifth birthday, it proposes a contest open to young perfumers, with the aim of finding the fragrance which best represents all the aspects that characterize the event and, in general, this sector.

An international competition to celebrate an important goal of the annual appointment with Bespoke Perfumery which in 2013 celebrates 5 years of dedication to offering to its public the best selection of international brands which represent an enthusiastic and passionate world.

The Scent of Esxence – 5 years of Excellence will be the name of the fragrance selected by 3 juries – Noses, Critics and Public – among those entering the contest from all over the world and inspired by the 5 pointed star: history, magic, music, art... Held in a perfume!

The Esxence team is not the only one believing and trusting in the talent of young perfumeurs. Our contest, with the aim of finding the fragrance for Esxence, The Scent of Esxence – 5 years of Excellence, moved the interest of many important people of the Artistic Perfumery world, who have welcomed with enthusiasm our request to select for us the applying fragrances. We can therefore reveal the names of the 5 members of the Jury of Noses, that will examine the proposals of our young participants, to decide the 10 semifinalists who will enter the second phase, the evaluation of the Jury of Critics.

Enrico Buccella, Mark Buxton, Patricia de Nicolaï, Maria Grazia Fornasier, Cécile Zarokian.

To read more:

To find more info about the brands participating this year:

To download the application form for exhibitors:

From Esxence Press
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