Monday, January 19, 2009

Scented objects Melissa Shoes/Objetos Perfumados Melissa

Melissa by Vivienne Westwood
The Brazilian brand Melissa shoes are scented, funky, fashionable and most of all, ecoconscious (the factory recycles 99.9 percent of waste and water used in production) & socially responsible (paying employees above-average wages and benefits).
For those of you who was not properly introduced to these magnificent trendy shoes I will give some details here:
It is produced by Grandene - one of the largest and most advanced (technologically speaking) injected footwear manufacturers of the world and 100% Brazilian. 
Grandene is the largest shoe company in Brazil, and also the largest sandals manufacture of the world, exporting today to 85 different countries.
Melissa shoes were created in 1979 and till today it never stopped recreating itself. Using full plastic, fashion icons and behavioral references, Melissa has created a vanguard concept in the footwear market. 
Designed by famous fashion designers and icons of culture such as Vivienne Westwood, Karim Rashid, Zaha Hadid, Isabela Capeto, Campana bothers, Alexandre Herchcovitch, J. Maskrey, Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and many many others...these shoes have amazing colors and shapes.

In the plantation, Melissa shoes production begins granulated scented pvc, melted at 160ºC transformed into  into flats, wedges and low heels injected shoes, and interestingly enough (or oddly enough), the shoes all smell like tutti-frutti, with jelly beans and bubble gum notes. The scent was applied to disguise the smell of the original raw materials.

My last purchased item for my collection was a lavender Vinyl.

Melissa Vinyl - red
Esther Mahlangu is a South African designer who customized Melissa Ultragirl for this week international event - The São Paulo Fashion Week. 
It is a limited edition that will be offered to guests, as a gift, only inside Melissa lounge, during fashion shows breaks.
Melissa Ultragirl limited edition
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  1. Those are so cute!! Wish I had thought to ask the BF to look for these when he was there. I like the scented angle too - plastic doesn't smell too appealing. :-)

  2. Hi sweety! Nice to see you here!Melissa gallery is a must while in SP. Design with the help of Karin Rashid, the store smells like bubble gum & jelly beans.
    Next time BF comes, ask him to drop by the store at Oscar Freire - Jardins.
    I have 3 pair of shoes that are fantastic. I have been there 2 days ago and people were buying V.Westwood shoes like crazy...
    I bouth the vinyl but not in red, in lavender and people stop me on the streets to ask about it.